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The NCV21xR series from ON Semiconductor are automotive voltage-output current-sense amplifiers which can measure voltage across shunt resistors at common-mode voltages ranging from -0.3V to 26V, independent of the supply voltage. The NCV21xR amplifiers are AEC-Q100 qualified for use in automotive systems. ON Semiconductor also supplies the NCS21xR series for use in industrial applications.

Offering a choice of fixed gain values, the NCV21xR and NCS21xR series amplifiers are notable for their low offset voltage and zero-drift architecture. These enable the implementation of accurate and stable current-sensing circuits with maximum full-scale drops across the shunt resistor as low as 10mV.


NCS21xR: Zero-drift architecture

NCS21xR: Zero-drift architecture


The NCV21xR amplifiers can operate from a single 2.2V to 26V power supply, compatible with the safe 2.5V voltage reference typically used in a measurement circuit, and can handle an absolute maximum input of 30V. They draw a maximum supply current of 80μA.

ON Semiconductor also supplies the NCS199AxR industrial current-sense amplifiers, which offer the flexibility of operating from a wide supply-voltage range of 2.2V to 26V, and which are rated for an absolute maximum voltage of 30V.


  NCS210R NCS211R NCS213R NCS214R
Gain (V/V) 200 500 50 100
Gain error (%) 1 1 >1 1
Offset voltage (μV) 35 35 100 60


  • 0.5V/°C offset drift
  • 10ppm/°C maximum gain error drift
  • Rail-to-rail output capability
  • Power-supply adaptors
  • Wireless chargers
  • Power supplies for telecoms equipment
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Automotive systems
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