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Monolithic Power Systems

100V three-phase BLDC motor pre-drivers

The MP6537/8/9 is a gate driver family designed for three-phase, brushless DC motor driver applications. It is capable of driving three half-bridges consisting of six N-channel power MOSFETs up to 100V. This driver family uses a bootstrap capacitor to generate a supply voltage for the high-side MOSFET driver. An internal charge pump maintains the high-side gate driver if the output is held high for an extended period of time. Full protection features include programmable Over-Current Protection (OCP), adjustable dead-time control, Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO), and thermal shutdown.

  • Supports 100V operation
  • Internal LDO supports external NPN for high-current drive requirements
  • Low-power sleep mode for battery-powered applications
  • Adjustable dead-time control to prevent shoot-through
  • Fault indication output
  • 120V VBST maximum voltage • Integrated current sense amplifier
  • Programmable Over-Current Protection (OCP) of external MOSFETs
  • Thermal shutdown and Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO) protection
  • TSSOP-28 and QFN-28 packages
Monolithic Power Systems MP6537/8/9



Maxim Integrated

±40V high-speed USB port protector

The MAX22505 is designed to protect a USB port on commercial and industrial equipment against damage due to faulty or incorrectly wired power supplies. The USB port is protected against connection to typical 24V DC or 24V AC systems with a maximum data line protection of ±40.7V and power/ground line protection up to ±50V. VBUS, ground and connector shield connections can be configured for any level of ESD, burst, and surge protection by choosing external components. USB data D+ and D- are protected by external diode clamps to VBUS and GND, allowing for the lowest possible insertion loss while providing high ESD and Burst protection.

  • Integrated ±50V DC protection for VBUS/GND
  • Integrated ±40.7V DC protection for D+/D-
  • High (480Mb), full (12Mb), and low (1.5Mb) speed capable
  • 4Ω VBUS/D+/D- channel resistance
  • Supports USB OTG • Thermal shutdown protected
  • -40°C to 105°C operating temperature
  • Supply voltage: 3.0V to 5.5V • 24-pin, 4mm x 4mm TQFN package
Maxim Integrated MAX22505




Multi-channel DC power/energy monitor with accumulator

The PAC1932/33 is a dual-/three-channel power monitor and energy monitor that reports on bus voltage and sense voltage 16-bits of resolution. Power is reported as a simultaneous product of two 16-bit independent bus and sense voltages. All registers are accessible through I2C/SMBus including an 8-sample average for reading stability.

  • 100mV full scale range for current-sense voltage
  • External sense resistor sets full scale current range
  • 1% power measurement accuracy over a wide dynamic range
  • 48-bit power accumulator register
  • Sampling rates of 8, 64, 256, and 1024 samples per second
  • Selectable bidirectional measurement capability
  • 0 to 32V input common mode voltage
  • On-chip accumulation of 28-bit power results for energy measurement
  • UQFN and WLCSP packages
Microchip PAC1932/33



ON Semiconductor

65V synchronous PWM buck regulators

FAN6500xx is a wide VIN highly efficient synchronous buck regulator family with integrated high side and low side power MOSFETs. The devices incorporate a fixed frequency voltage mode PWM controller supporting a wide voltage range from 4.5V to 65V. The family includes three parts, FAN65004B/5A/8B, and can handle continuous currents up to 6A, 8A and 10A respectively. This single-phase buck regulator family offers complete protection features including over-current protection, thermal shutdown, under-voltage lockout, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and short-circuit protection.

  • 4.5V to 65V input voltage range
  • 0.6V reference voltage with 0.67% accuracy
  • Dual LDOs for single-supply operation and to reduce power loss
  • Adjustable soft start and pre-bias startup
  • Enable function with adjustable input voltage Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
  • 100kHz to 1MHz switching frequency
  • Selectable CCM PWM mode or PFM mode for light loads
  • External compensation for wide operation range
  • 6 x 6 mm PQFN 35 package
ON Semiconductor FAN6500xx




12-bit programmable position sensor for contactless potentiometer applications

The AS5200L is an easy to program stacked dual-die magnetic rotary position sensor with a high-resolution 12-bit I2C or PWM output. This contactless system measures the absolute angle of a diametric magnetized on-axis magnet. This AS5200L is designed for contactless potentiometer applications and its robust design eliminates the influence of any homogenous external stray magnetic fields. The industry-standard I2C interface supports simple user programming of non-volatile parameters without requiring a dedicated programmer.

  • Contactless angle measurement
  • 0 to 360 degrees measurement range
  • Automatic entry into low-power mode
  • AEC-Q100 automotive qualified
  • Digital output over I2C or PWM-encoded output
  • Automatic magnet detection
  • MLF-16 (5mm x 5mm) package with wettable flanks
  • -40 to 125°C temperature range
ams AS5200L




Miniature digital infrared thermometer IC

The MLX90632 is a miniature SMD thermometer IC for accurate non-contact temperature measurement, especially in thermally dynamic environments and when available space is limited. The device is factory calibrated with calibration constants stored in the EEPROM memory. The ambient and object temperature can be calculated based on these calibration constants and the measurement data. The MLX90632 is factory calibrated in the ambient temperature range from -20 to 85˚C and from -20 to 200˚C for the object temperature range. The measured value is the average temperature of all objects in the Field Of View of the sensor.

  • 50° Field of View
  • 0.02°C measurement resolution
  • 3.3V supply voltage
  • 1mA supply current and 2.5μA sleep current
  • Integrated post-calibration option
  • External ambient and object temperature calculation
  • I2C compatible digital interface
  • Software definable I2C address
  • 0.5s default refresh rate, configurable between 16ms and 2s
  • 3 x 3 x 1mm QFN package
Melexis MLX90632




Low-power 3D Hall sensor with I2C interface and wake-up function

The TLE493D offers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption. Within its small 6-pin package the sensor provides direct measurement of the x-, y-, and z-components of a magnetic field. The sensor provides a standard two-wire digital I2C communication interface, which enables a bidirectional communication between the sensor and the microcontroller. 3D magnetic sensors are ideal for control elements, joysticks and e-meters (anti tampering), and the TLE493D is also suited for low-power 3D magnetic automotive applications such as indicators and gear shifters.

  • ±160mT 3D magnetic flux density range
  • X-Y angular measurement mode
  • Power-down mode with 7nA typical power consumption
  • Variable update frequencies and power modes (configurable during operation)
  • Supply voltage range: 2.8V to 3.5V
  • Down to 65μT programmable flux resolution
  • Diagnostic functions
  • 12-bit data resolution for each measurement direction plus 10-bit temperature sensor
  • Temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
  • Interrupt signal to indicate a valid measurement to the MCU
Infineon TLE493D



Integrated Device Technology

TVOC and indoor air quality sensor platform

The ZMOD4410 gas sensor module is designed for detecting Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It is a 12-pin LGA assembly (3.0 x 3.0 x 0.7 mm) that consists of a gas sense element and a CMOS signal-conditioning IC. The modules sense element consists of heater element on a Si-based MEMS structure and a metal oxide (MOx) chemiresistor. The signal conditioner controls the sensor temperature and measures the MOx conductivity, which is a function of the gas concentration.

  • Measurement of TVOC concentrations and IAQ
  • Multiplexed input channel for heater, resistance, and temperature measurements
  • Up to 400kHz I2C interface
  • 16-bit adjustable ADC resolution
  • Module algorithm estimates Carbon Dioxide level (eCO2)
  • Internal auto-compensated temperature sensor; not stress sensitive
  • Configurable alarm/interrupt output with static and adaptive levels
  • Siloxane resistant



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