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Vishay Intertechnology has introduced new 40V and 60V parts in the fourth generation of its TrenchFET® N-channel power MOSFET family, offering increased efficiency and power density in power- conversion circuits.

The SiSS12DN, which has a breakdown voltage of 40V, features the lowest output capacitance of any MOSFET with on-resistance below 2mΩ. This combination is crucial for power-conversion designs employing zero-voltage switching or switch-tank topologies. Gate charge is rated at 28.7nC.

The new 60V SiSS22DN TrenchFET MOSFET is the industry’s first that is optimized for standard gate drives and that features maximum on-resistance as low as 4mΩ at 10V.

Unlike logic-level 60V devices, the SiSS22DN’s gate-source threshold voltage and Miller plateau are optimized for circuits that provide gate-drive voltages above 6V. This high gate-voltage capability gives excellent dynamic characteristics in synchronous operations, dead-time management, and shoot-through prevention.

Both new MOSFETs are housed in a thermally-enhanced 3.3mm x 3.3mm PowerPAK 1212-8S package. This occupies 65% less board space than similar devices in 6mm x 5mm packages.

These MOSFETs may be used to keep both conduction and switching losses low simultaneously, and so to increase the efficiency of switching power supplies.

  • Output capacitance:
    • 680pF for SiSS12DN
    • 565pF for SiSS22DN
  • Gate charge:
    • 28.7nC for SiSS12DN
    • 22.5nC for SiSS22DN
  • Output charge:
    • 28nC for SiSS12DN
    • 34nC for SiSS22DN
  • Synchronous rectification in AC-DC power supplies
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Servers
  • Medical equipment
  • Motor-drive control
  • Battery protection and charging


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