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Lumileds LUXEON CZ Color Line High Power LEDs

Color LEDs produce higher punch than any other undomed LED

The Lumileds LUXEON CZ Color Line LEDs produce as much as 48% more ‘punch’ - higher intensity from a smaller Light Emitting Surface (LES) - than competing color LEDs supplied in an undomed package style.

The LUXEON CZ Color Line products are intended for use in color-tuning fixtures which have a narrow beam angle and require high punch. The line consists of 21 LED color options: 13 color options, and eight white LED versions at correlated color temperatures between 2200K and 6500K.

The Lumileds LUXEON CZ Color Line provides exceptional optical design flexibility to fixture manufacturers. Unlike competing color LEDs, the LUXEON emitters cast very little light below the horizon, which means that optics can collect more of the emitted light even in designs which have a narrow beam angle. In a narrow-beam system, the intensity of the light from the LUXEON CZ LEDs is 30-50% higher than with other undomed LEDs.

The intensity of light from each color version is similar, ensuring a consistent beam width, and minimizing halos when color mixing.

The LUXEON CZ products also eliminate crosstalk, which can occur when direct color LEDs are closely spaced with phosphor-converted LEDs. The photons from the direct colors can excite the phosphor in the surrounding phosphor-converted LEDs, making it appear as if the phosphor-converted LEDs are on, when in fact only the direct color LED is illuminated.

By eliminating crosstalk, the LUXEON CZ products maintain a true color point even when LEDs are packed closely together.

LUXEON CZ products have a low thermal resistance of between 3.2°C/W and 4°C/W, and feature an isolated thermal path, allowing for easier thermal design. Alternatively, designers have the freedom to raise the drive current to get more light output than in competing color LEDs without affecting system efficiency.

LUXEON CZ Features
  • Color options: far red, deep red, red, red-orange, amber, phosphor-converted amber, mint, lime, green, cyan, blue, royal blue, violet
  • Footprint-compatible with LUXEON C LEDs
  • Single focal length across all LUXEON C and CZ LEDs
LUXEON CZ Applications
  • Spotlights
  • Wall washers
  • Floodlights
  • Landscape lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Dimmable lamps and fixtures
  • Emergency vehicle lighting


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Lumileds — LUXEON CZ Color Line High-Power LEDs