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Microchip SAM R30 System-in-Package (SiP)

Wireless microcontroller with 802.15.4 radio gives long battery life in connected lighting applications

Microchip has released the SAM R30, a System in Package (SiP) which combines an ultra-low power microcontroller with an IEEE 802.15.4 sub-1GHz radio to provide multi-year battery life in wirelessly connected smart devices. Its support for mesh networking makes it ideal for use in wide-area communications applications such as streetlight control.

The SAM R30 SiP is built using the SAM L21 MCU, which is based on a low-power Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core. The SiP features various ultra-low power sleep modes. For instance, it can run in sleep mode on a current of just 500nA and wake when triggered by serial communication or a General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) interrupt.

Operating at radio frequencies in a range from 769MHz to 935MHz, which offer longer range than 2.4GHz networks, the SAM R30 SiP gives developers the flexibility to implement a point-to-point, star or mesh network. Microchip helps developers get started immediately with Microchip’s free MiWi™ networking protocol stack.

Two nodes each equipped with the SAM R30 SiP can communicate over a span as long as 1km, giving a maximum range of 2km in a star topology. When used in a mesh network, the SAM R30 delivers reliable wide-area coverage for applications such as street lighting or wind and solar farms.

The SAM R30 SiP is available in two QFN packages:

  • The ATSAMR30E18 in a 5mm x 5mm QFN32 package
  • The ATSAMR30G18 in a 7mm x 7mm QFN48 package

SAM R30 Features

  • Memory provision:
    • 256kbytes of user-programmable Flash
    • 32kbytes of RAM
    • 8kbytes of low-power RAM
  • Up to four UART, SPI, and I2C interfaces
  • 12-bit, 350ksamples/s ADC

SAM R30 Applications

  • Security systems
  • Smart homes
  • Facility/building management
  • Municipal lighting
  • Consumer lighting
  • Industrial control
  • Metering


Microchip SAM R30 Applications


Development Kit

Kit part number: ATSAMR30-XPRO

The SAM R30 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit is a hardware platform designed to evaluate the ATSAMR30G18A SiP. This kit is supported by Microchip Studio, an integrated development platform which provides application examples. This kit provides easy access to various features of the ATSAMR30G18A, and offers additional peripherals to extend the features of the board and ease the development of custom designs.

Microchip ATSAMR30-XPRO