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New Japan Radio

New Japan Radio (NJR) Intelligent Microwave Sensors

NJR supplies microwave sensor modules for various indoor and outdoor lighting applications

NJR’s microwave sensors are intelligent modules that include an internal signal processing MCU and can detect human motion and presence in either outdoor or indoor environments. Due to its unique signal processing and user-friendly interface, the intended detection can be accomplished with simple settings without complicated circuit design or signal processing.

The NJR microwave sensors are suitable sensor modules for use in many lighting applications that include outdoor situations like pedestrian traffic and cross walks and energy savings for indoor office or industrial lighting.

The NJR4266 series are Doppler sensors that can detect moving objects. It is an intelligent human motion sensor module that can detect objects moving at low speed like a pedestrian in a short distance range (up to 7 to 14m) and incorporates a 24GHz band microwave circuit, antenna, signal processing circuit, and an MCU in a 17.2mm x 27.3mm x 5.2mm low-profile package. NJR proprietary signal processing technology greatly reduces false detection due to environmental noise, achieves stable detection results, and identifies directions of approach and separation. The NJR4266 modules have a user selectable ECO mode function to reduce power consumption.

New Japan Radio - NJR4266 Block diagram for UART Interface

NJR4266 Block diagram for UART Interface


The NJR4234 series are sensors that can measure the distance to moving and/or stationary objects in the detection area. It is possible to make more advanced and complex settings than the NJR4266.

The NJR4234 can measure the distance to an object such as a pedestrian more than 20 meters ahead and incorporates a 24GHz band microwave circuit, antenna, and signal processing circuit and an MCU in a low-profile package of 38mm x 38mm x 4.2mm. This module is capable of distance measurement and can detect moving or stationary objects by innovative proprietary signal processing.


  • Easy-to-use modular solution
  • Low power-consumption
  • Proprietary algorithms
  • Random noise reduction to avoid erroneous detection
  • Reduction in mutual interference for multiple use applications
  • Embedded signal processing
  • Doppler motion detection
  • Radar distance measurement of stationary and moving objects


  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Security systems
  • Traffic intersection control
  • Parking management
  • Access control
  • Pedestrian cross-walks
  • Touchless sensor/switch
New Japan Radio - Intelligent Microwave Sensors Dev Kit


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New Japan Radio - Intelligent Microwave Sensors


NJR4266 can also detect hand motion at close range for touchless sensor applications.