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Pulse Electronics: Common Mode Chokes

Automotive Chip Choke®, EMI suppression for CAN-bus networks, 2-Line common mode chokes

These two wire common mode chokes by Pulse Electronics provide consistent common mode rejection performance at all frequencies, from lower kbps to higher Gbps. The parts are geared for automotive applications which typically require much higher noise immunity due to the open environment that the systems are working within and the use of untwisted pair cables.

Common Mode Chokes

Common mode chokes are filters which help to suppress common mode noise on signal, power or audio lines. The typical placement of a common mode choke is between the transceiver (PHY) and the cable interface (connector) to help to filter the common mode noise in both directions. As these products do not stop DC voltages on the cable from getting to the Controller or Processor IC, they are paired with capacitors or Isolators and ESD diodes.

It is important to remember that common mode chokes cannot saturate in the application (under normal use) as they are designed to ensure that the line and return currents are balanced.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets AEC-Q200 Requirements
  • Suppresses common mode noise without attenuating the signal
  • Magnetically shielded versions for lower Rdc and higher current
  • High-sided Metallization for improved solder join
  • Supports CAN-Bus, A2B and other IVN high speed differential signal lines (LVDS) 


Pulse Electronics — Common Mode Chokes Certifications


In addition, low profile BMS Transformers and Common Mode Chokes complement each other to provide both galvanic isolation and noise suppression within the BMS system. Together, they enhance the reliability, performance, and EMC compliance of the battery management system, critical for the safe and efficient operation of electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Automotive Ethernet also links to Common Mode Chokes by virtue of their contribution to noise suppression and electromagnetic compatibility, essential aspects for ensuring reliable communication and performance of Ethernet-based automotive systems in the presence of EMI sources within vehicles.

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