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Power ICs: microBUCK® Voltage Regulator

Scalability, ease of use and high efficiency

Vishay’s microBUCK® DC/DC Regulators offer flexibility and integration while maintaining high efficiency. This portfolio reduces costs in designs with a selection of high-density parts with common pinouts. This allows applications to scale for the best combination of cost and performance.

Vishay microBUCK® Integrated Voltage Regulators accommodate a variety of applications, including computing, consumer electronics, telecom, and industrial and the Series included are the SiC43x, SiC44x, SiC45x, SiC46x, SiC47x.

Key Advantages

  • Industry leading MOSFET Technology
    • High-side Very low Qsw and Qgd reduce switching-related power loss
    • Low-side Monolithic Schottky improves reverse recovery
    • Very low on-resistance RDS(on) with high density process
  • Innovative Control IC Design
    • Wide operating voltage (4.5V – 60V)
    • PMBus 1.3 interface with telemetry available for SiC45x series
    • Power save / Ultrasonic mode → high efficiency at light loads
    • Fast transient response (COT-VM)
    • Full protection set (OC, OV, OT, and UV)
  • Advanced Multi Chip Packaging
    • Thermally enhanced Leadframe QFN package
    • A single CU clip forms the SW node connection, resulting in reduced source inductance and lower switching losses

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microBUCK® voltage regulators commonly feature key components such as high-stability thin-film chip resistors in the feedback network, ensuring precise resistance for accurate voltage regulation. Power inductors within the buck converter topology manage High-current flow while regulating output voltage efficiently. Capacitors play crucial roles in stabilizing input and output voltages, filtering noise, and ensuring a stable power source. The meticulous selection of components, considering scalability, efficiency, precision, high-current, high-energy, wide input voltage, and power densities, enables the design of a robust and reliable microBUCK® voltage regulator that meets the diverse demands of modern power supply applications.


Vishay — MicroBUCK Diagram


Vishay — PowerCAD Simulation Tool

PowerCAD Simulation Tool is a free online tool that designers can use to accelerate their circuit design and enhance confidence for a first time success. This tool allows the user to see online schematics, functional analysis tools, simulation waveforms, and more.


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