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Cypress BLE Solutions are enabling long range IoT. Although Bluetooth has traditionally been viewed as a short-range technology, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is now being adopted in a wide array of industrial and commercial/consumer IoT applications like sensor nodes due to its low power consumption.

Several industrial/commercial applications are leveraging BLE for its ability to simply transmit data over a long range to a hub and/or a smartphone – without consuming large amounts of power. Cypress’ EZ-BLE™ PSoC® Extended Range/Extended Temperature module is an ideal fit for these industrial/lighting applications because of its long range (400m line-of-sight) and high temperature tolerance (-40°C to +105°C) capabilities.


EZ-BLE™ PSoC® Module Block Diagram





  • Smart commercial/consumer lighting with Industrial LEDs
  • Factory beacons for industrial equipment on factory/assembly line
  • Home appliance connectivity
  • Smart metering applications



  • Module size: 9.5 mm × 15.4 mm × 1.80 mm (with shield)
  • Extended Range: Up to 400 meters line-of-sight
    • PA enables output power of 9.5 dBm with the on-board chip antenna
    • LNA enables best-in-class receive sensitivity of up to – 95 dBm
  • Extended industrial temperature range: -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Up to 25 GPIOs
  • 256-KB flash memory, 32-KB SRAM memory
  • Bluetooth 4.1 qualified single-mode module
  • Certified to FCC, CE, MIC, KC, and IC regulations
  • 32-bit processor (0.9 DMIPS/MHz) with single-cycle 32-bit multiply, operating at up to 48 MHz
  • Programmable analog
    • 4 x Opamps
    • 1 x 12-bit, 1-Msps SAR ADC
    • 1 x Low-Power Comparators
  • 1 x Cypress CapSense™ touch controller with SmartSense™ Auto-Tuning
  • Programmable digital
    • 4 x universal digital blocks
    • 4 x 16-bit configurable Timer/Counter/PWM blocks
    • 2 x configurable serial communication blocks (UART/I2C slave or master/SPI slave or master)
  • Watchdog timer with dedicated internal low-speed oscillator (ILO)
  • Two-pin SWD for Programming
  • Certified to FCC, CE, MIC, KC, and IC regulations. Refer to KBA213260 for RF certification test reports.
  • Bluetooth SIG 4.1 qualified
    • QDID: 82951
    • Declaration ID: D030799



  • Fully qualified and certified turn-key module solution, reducing time-to-market and need for advanced RF engineering
  • Small footprint being 9.5 mm × 15.4 mm × 1.80 mm in size, 32-pad SMT with 25 GPIOs
  • Bluetooth Smart connectivity with BT 4.1
    • 2.4 GHz BLE radio and baseband
    • Incudes royalty free BLE stack compatible with BT 4.1
  • Extended industrial temperature range of -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Long range capability of 400m line-of-sight, and at least 80 – 100m range even after multi-path fading due to environment obstacles, ensuring Bluetooth communication throughout the entire home, office, factory, etc.
  • PSoC Creator – Fully Integrated Design Environment (IDE)
    • EZ-BLE PSoC Modules come with an easy-to-use IDE, PSoC Creator, to configure, develop and program a Bluetooth Smart application. PSoC Creator also provides an option to use third party IDEs such as Keil MDK, IAR or Eclipse after the initial hardware design. Cypress also provides the CySmart test and debug tool, used to emulate a host device for peer testing. CySmart is available as a Windows application, iOS app and Android app


Module MPN Size BT Spec Antenna Type Application Eval Board
CYBLE-224110-00 9.5 x 15.4 x 1.80mm BT 4.1 Chip Antenna Extended Industrial (-40°C to +105°C) Automation/Lighting CYBLE-224110-EVAL


Coming Soon:

Module MPN Size BT Spec Antenna Type Application Eval Board
CYBLE-224116-01 9.5 x 15.4 x 1.80mm BT 4.2 Chip Antenna Extended Industrial (-40°C to +105 °C) Automation/Lighting CYBLE-224116-EVAL
CYBLE-212006-01 15 x 23 x 2.00mm BT 4.2 PCB Antenna Industrial (-40°C to +85 °C) and Commercial CYBLE-212006-EVAL
CYBLE-202007-01 15 x 23 x 2.05mm BT 4.2 External Antenna via u.FL Industrial (-40°C to +85 °C) and Commercial CYBLE-202007-EVAL
CYBLE-202013-11 15 x 23 x 1.55mm BT 4.2 External Antenna via RF Pad Industrial (-40°C to +85 °C) and Commercial CYBLE-202013-EVAL


EZ-BLE PSoC® XT/XR Eval Board CYBLE-224110-EVAL



The CYBLE-224110-EVAL EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR Evaluation Board enables you to evaluate and develop long range/extended temperature applications with the CYBLE-224110-00 EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR Module.

The CYBLE-224110-EVAL board can be used with the Bluetooth Low Energy Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE / CY8CKIT-042-BLE-A) and PSoC Creator to develop BLE applications. To enable easy prototyping the evaluation board routes the GPIOs of the on-board EZ-BLE PSoC XT/XR Module to the CapSense slider, RGB LED, switches, PSoC 5 LP and FRAM on the BLE Pioneer Baseboard.


The CYBLE-224110-EVAL board can also be programmed and debugged with the PSoC MiniProg3 Program and Debug Kit (CY8CKIT-002) and PSoC Creator.