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Infineon, the leader in power, adds Gallium nitride for ultimate efficiency and reliability.

Emerging from the newly developed gallium nitride on silicon process (GaN-on-Si), Infineon's CoolGaN™ family of HEMT devices significantly increases efficiencies in power conversion, improves power density and reduces the overall financial and environmental impact of power management compared to today's alternative solutions. Operation at higher switching frequencies while keeping the losses to a very low, manageable level is an advantage. GaN's zero reverse recovery charge enables topologies (e.g. full-bridge totem pole PFC topology) not yet considered for power supplies.

Creating HEMT power devices using GaN-on-Si per se is a game changing innovation. Infineon delivers the most reliable GaN HEMTs in the market along with a perfectly matched GaN EiceDRIVER™ series of gate drivers. Check out our highlight products featuring the newly launched IGLD60R190D1, CoolGaN™ 600V e-mode power transistor, in the smallest (8x8 mm) package within Infineon's GaN portfolio suitable for a broad power range.