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The evaluation board EVAL-M1-IM818-A was developed to support customers during their first steps of applications with CIPOS™ Maxi IPM. In combination with control-boards equipped with the M1 20pin interface connector, like EVAL-M1-101T or EVAL-M1-099M, it demonstrates Infineon’s CIPOS™ Maxi IPM technology for motor drive.

The evaluation board EVAL-M1-IM818-A features IM818-MCC, one of the CIPOS™ Maxi product family, which combines 1200V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBTs and Emitter Controlled diodes with an optimized 6-channel SOI gate driver. It is optimized to industrial application like high voltage ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) fans, fan motors, pumps and motor drives. More about iMOTION™ MADK platform!

Summary of Features
  • Ready to use power stage with 1200 V IPM to drive 3-phase motor
  • Nominal input voltage 380 Vac
  • Maximum 2.6 kW output power with cooling
  • On board EMI filter
  • Over current protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Test pads with hooks to attach standard oscilloscope probes
  • Standard MADK M1 20pin interface connector

  • Evaluate IM818-MCC IPM module for your application
  • Get your motor running within one hour in combination with Eval-M1-101T
  • Learn more about motor control in high voltage domain

Target Applications
  • Motor and Control Drives
  • Hood Fan
  • HVAC Pumps