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Take your business to the next level with our extensive portfolio of Nexperia products

Nexperia is a dedicated global leader in Discretes, Logic and MOSFETs that produces consistently reliable semiconductor components and high volume (more than 90 billion annually, to be specific!)

Future Electronics is the #1 Nexperia distributor with the largest inventory of general-purpose bipolar transistors, an extensive selection of small-signal devices and the largest Diodes portfolio, ranging from a simple Zener to a Switching Diode. All are automotive (AEC-Q101) qualified, meeting the stringent standards of the automotive industry. We are a one-stop shop for Nexperia transistors and diodes, no matter the project at hand.

Applications: Automotive, Mobile and Wearables, Industrial and Power,Computing and Consumer Electronics, Sub-systems, Reference designs


All things Diodes – Zener, Switching, Schottky, Rectifiers and Automotive

Nexperia is the Number 1 in small-signal diodes and bipolar transistors (IHS)

Nexperia’s extensive portfolio of diodes offers the flexibility you need in today's market - whether we are talking about a simple Zener, a highly efficient Schottky rectifier, a fast recovery or a controlled avalanche switching diode. Nexperia’s proven, highly reliable diodes are automotive qualified (AEC-Q101), offering the best performance in the smallest footprint. They continuously innovate and expand their portfolio by improving established favorites and introducing new developments.

Zener Diodes

Nexperia’s Zener diodes can act as voltage regulator diodes in most electronic applications. The broad AEC-Q101 qualified portfolio includes both Japanese and European selection groups in a wide variety of voltage, package and configuration options. In fact, the comprehensive selection guide (± 1500 product types) gives you the option of customized designs in small scale, high density circuit designs.


Switching Diodes

Found in virtually every electronic application, switching diodes perform one of the most basic functions in a circuit. Robust performance is a must, whether for standard or high-speed switching, controlled avalanche or low-leakage current. With a broad voltage range in both standard SMD packages and leadless DFN for miniaturization, our AEC-Q101 automotive qualified solutions help you meet your ‘next-generation’ design challenges more efficiently. Even when your application operates in harsh environments or under extended temperature conditions (175 °C).  

Schottky diodes and rectifiers

Enhanced design efficiency, flexibility and performance for smaller systems

Nexperia’s AEC-Q101 Schottky diodes and rectifiers support the trend towards smaller systems, while providing the reliable, highly efficient and safe operation required in many application environments. Whether you need low capacitance (< 1 pF) or are working with forward currents below or above 1 A, you’ll find the Schottky diode or rectifier you need in our broad portfolio of Nexperia products, which includes standard SMD, leadless DFN and clip-bond CFP packages.



Leading edge Transistors to easily fulfill system requirements

Nexperia's low power loss, fast bipolar families of high-voltage transistors are ideally suited to high frequency switching in any powered application.

Bipolar transistors

That includes simple bipolar building blocks and a comprehensive range of space and cost saving resistor-equipped transistors right up to low VCEsat devices. Nexperia’s product technologies continually push energy efficiency, bringing power up and losses down, while their package innovations satisfy the demand for space-saving designs and cost-efficiency.


General purpose bipolar transistors

An extensive portfolio of small-signal devices and functionality

Pick the perfect solution with ease from Nexperia’s small-signal transistors. A wide variety of functionality makes it simple to match your application’s needs. Choose from general-purpose, Darlington, high-voltage, low-noise, switching, medium-frequency, matched pair transistors, and more. Check out our portfolio for all the options.



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