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Turnkey i.MX RT solution for Alexa Built-in

NXP’s MCU-based AVS solution provides OEMs with a fully integrated, self-contained, software and hardware solution that includes the i.MX RT106A MCU and a software implementation of a machine learning audio front end for far-field audio processing. This includes noise suppression, beamforming, echo cancellation and barge-in capabilities, to enable use in acoustically difficult environments.

Also included is the Amazon Alexa client application and a machine learning inference engine for Alexa wake word identification. This cost-effective, easy to use AVS implementation facilitates the demand for ubiquitous voice control embedded in a diverse variety of products across home, commercial and industrial applications. Based on the i.MX RT1060 family of crossover processors operating at speeds up to 600 MHz, the AVS solution delivers high CPU performance and advanced real-time response.




Target Applications

The i.MX RT106A MCU-based solution for AVS enables designers to integrate Alexa into a wide variety of smart home, appliance, retail and industrial products.

  • Smart switches
  • Smart lighting
  • Shade, and fan controls
  • Smart plugs and outlets
  • Smart appliances
  • Set top boxes and residential gateways
  • Alarm/access panels and thermostats
  • Garage door openers
  • Room air conditioners
  • POS terminals
  • Bluetooth® beacons
  • Electronic shelf labels
  • Industrial automation
  • Hands-free process control