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LUXEON CoB Compact Range offers the industry’s smallest Light Emitting Surface (LES) that enables more cost effective designs and provides good Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) for crisp light beams with the best luminance and color uniformity.

LUXEON CoB Compact parts are available in 3-step (80CRI and 90CRI) MacAdam ellipse, ensuring uniform optical performance in retrofit lamps and spotlight applications. LUXEON CoB Compact Range LEDs are all hot-tested at 85°C—real world operating conditions—which means that luminaire design is simplified and testing can be minimized. Proper assembly, handling, and thermal management, as outlined in this application brief, ensure high optical output and reliability of these emitters. Scop

The assembly and handling guidelines in this application brief apply to the following LUXEON CoB Compact Range products:

  • LUXEON CoB 105 (L2C3-xxxx105E06000)
  • LUXEON CoB 107 (L2C3-xxxx107E06000)
  • LUXEON CoB 109 (L2C3-xxxx109E06000)
  • LUXEON CoB 109 with CrispWhite Technology (L2C3-xxxx109E06C00)