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Future Electronics showcases the latest technologies from industry-leading suppliers at this year's Embedded World 2019 – the leading international fair for embedded systems.

With the most up-to-date display of products available on the market today, from security for electronic systems, distributed intelligence, IoT or e-mobility and energy efficiency – the embedded world trade fair in Nuremberg enables you to experience the whole world of embedded systems. Watch the videos below to see what was on display at the Future Electronics' booth.


Machine Learning

Let’s kick off #ew19 by focussing on machine learning. John Robins, our Vertical Segment Manager for Embedded Solutions, shows us around the Machine Learning pod and explains the demos he has this year.


Intelligent Power Solutions

Continuing our journey discovering how the technology of tomorrow can Delight Our Customers Worldwide, Edwin Kluter shows us around the Intelligent Power pod and all the demos we have this year.


Wireless Connectivity

We’ve learned over the last couple of days about the elements which are critical in a modern automated system. Today we close our Embedded World experience with a tour around the Wireless Connectivity pod with Yves Francois.


Edge Computing

Edge computing brings computing power closer to the location where it is needed whilst reducing the traffic and overhead of cloud computing. Yves Grillet walks us through the Edge Computing Pod.


Intelligent Sensing solutions

Let’s see how Sensing solutions can shape the industrial landscape. Alex Watson walks us through the Intelligent Sensing pod which is bursting with the latest innovations for various sensing solutions.