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When it comes to Cyber Security, we’ve all seen the headlines: “As more devices get connected to the Cloud, the more compromised the network becomes.”

“Cybercrime attacks are on the rise and losses are becoming material.”

The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center tracked 1.3 billion dollars of losses in 2016.

So why aren’t companies doing more about the problem? The common response is that implementing security is costly, complicated, and resource intensive. That can be true, if you have the wrong approach.



Today I would like to tell you about ChipDNA Technology from Maxim Integrated.

ChipDNA is a turnkey, cost-effective embedded security technology that provides the strongest protection against invasive attacks.

How does it work?

Invasive attacks try to obtain cryptographic keys from secure ICs. If obtained, the security provided by the IC is completely compromised.

Maxim Secure ICs generate a key derived from a Physically Unclonable Function (PUF). Each key is a digital fingerprint for that IC, and is not stored in memory or another static state. So it can’t be stolen!