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Security can no Longer be an Afterthought

To ensure you have the right level of Security, to ensure that your products are not counterfeited, to ensure that your system is not hacked, you need to find a Security solution which is designed with:

  • Hardware-based Secure Elements
  • Secure MCUs with Trust-Zone
  • Provisioning by the Manufacture/Certificate Authority
  • Scalable Deployment
  • Cost and Return on Investment
Implementing Security is Not a Trivial Task

Most engineers have neither been trained in Cryptography nor making Risk Assessment. Furthermore, Security often involves connecting to the Cloud. That means your devices must be Authenticated to ensure that they are not being controlled or spoofed through some Malware by malicious hackers. Conversely, you must ensure your Cloud and upstream devices aren’t also being hacked by similar means.

Future Security Engineers are factory trained by major Security Suppliers in the industry to guide and help customers navigate to the right Security solutions. We are here to assist you in understanding what type of ever changing and growing standards for security you should be adhering to. Standards such as the industrial IEC62443, CC EAL#+, government FIPS, TPM versions, RSA, or even utilizing OWASP for best practices.


Our Hardware Security Solutions Brochure outlines the advantages and strategies in implementing security. Register to request a copy.

Contact your local Future Electronics branch to discuss your security needs, or email us.

"The mantra of any good security engineer is: ‘Security is not merely a product, but a process.’ It’s more than designing strong cryptography into a system; it’s designing the fail-safe system such that, all security measures, including cryptography, works together."

– Bruce Schneier, Security Guru