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Future Electronics API Solutions

Future Electronics API Solutions

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What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of programming code, composed of functions and procedures, that allow data transmission between one software product and another. Whether or not you are familiar with the term API, you most likely have used it - and probably more than once. Today's digital world is reliant on the use of API to connect businesses and consumers (referred to as B2C), but also between businesses (known as B2B).

Common examples

  • Buying a pair of shoes on an E-Commerce transactional website
  • Booking travel online
  • Reserving a table at a restaurant using a website or an application

How Does Future Electronics API Work?

Using our APIs, we provide you first-class access to our available inventory and pricing in all three regions.

  • You are looking for information on parts, such as pricing, inventory or availability.
  • The API tool searches for your parts.
  • The API tool searches all the databases of suppliers or distributors “linked” to your API tool.
  • Live results are returned to your API tool in the same format within minutes.

The Benefits of Future Electronics APIs

→ Efficiency: Spend less time on administrative tasks and experience efficient and automated processes 

→ Visibility: Get quick and real-time visibility to pricing, full product availability and other product data such as current lead time, returned to you within minutes

→ Consistency: Receive the same information and product attributes across all applications

Setting up your Future Electronics API Technology is simple

  1. Fill out this form to request your API key. We'll take it from there! 
  2. Your dedicated Future Electronics Sales Representative will reach out to you and detail the next steps.
  3. Once your API key has been provided by us, share it with your developers for implementation. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure the correct results are returned by the API.
  4. After your API development and implementation are complete, launch your application. If you run into any front-facing data issues, feel free to contact us.


Spend less time on supply chain management and more time getting your next big product to market faster.

To help you get started, your dedicated Future Electronics Sales Representative is ready to help. Not sure who that is?
Contact us


Click below if you need help setting up your API key.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an API?


An API is a tool that connects a device to other devices and systems to collect information. It allows your device to communicate with other computers to find the information you're looking for.

Why should I use APIs?


You should use APIs for quick visibility to product availability, pricing and other attributes, as well as consistency and convenience so you can focus on getting your product to market faster.

What should I use APIs for?


You should use APIs for many reasons, including, but not limited to:
  • Getting quick visibility to inventory availability, pricing, as well as general product data - such as current lead time
  • You'll spend less time managing your supply chain, and more time on what matters more - Getting your product to market faster.
  • Less manual processes and more automation.
  • You'll enjoy consistency across all applications when receiving the information you need.

What is the difference between EDI and API and should I have both?


APIs quickly move data between one system and another. They enable devices to speak to each other in real time. EDI establishes a set of messaging standards, transferring data from system to system, reducing the need for manual labor. It certainly does not hurt to have both, but typically, one of the two will suffice.

Who can benefit from Future Electronics APIs?


The answer is everybody! Having APIs helps us as the distributor, and the suppliers. But more importantly, it helps YOU! Anyone searching for product data, real-time inventory, pricing information, automation and consistency can benefit from this tool.

How do I request an API with Future Electronics?


Simply contact your salesperson to walk you through the steps involved, or fill out this form to request your API key online.

Do APIs cost money?


For you, the customer: The answer is no!

Who can I contact for help and technical support?


On our website, you'll find all the ways you can reach us. Simply visit our Contact Us page.

Is there documentation to help me set up my API key?



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