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More Information on Signal Relays...

What is a Signal Relay?

Signal relays are used for low level current switching, often below 2A but up to 40A. Some applications for signal relays include communications, AC control, security, measurement and control equipment, automotive devices and audio visual devices. Some characteristics of signal relays are stable contact resistance, Form C contact arrangement, a fully sealed construction, compact size for optimal board space usage, and available latching and low operating power.

Types of Signal Relays

You can select from more than 700 signal relays through Future Electronics’ comprehensive offering of Low or Small Signal Relays. Our parametric filters will help refine your search results for signal relays by Contact Current, Contact Arrangement, Coil Voltage and Termination Style. Future Electronics has a huge selection of Latching and Non-Latching signal relays in SPST, SPDT and DPDT combinations with Coil Voltages that range from 1.5V to 220V (with 12V and 24V DC being the most common). The most common sizes for maximum contact current are 1 A and 2A. We also carry signal relays with maximum contact current as high as 40 A.

Signal Relays from Future Electronics

Future Electronics has a full selection of signal relays from several manufacturers when looking for a surface mount signal relay, SPDT relay, DPDT relay, SPST relay, latch relay, low signal relay, small signal relay, or for any circuit that might require a signal relay. Simply choose from the signal relay technical attributes below and your search results will quickly be narrowed to match your specific signal relay application needs.If you have a preferred brand, we deal with several manufacturers such as Panasonic Electric Works / Aromat (PEWA), Axicom Relays from TE Connectivity and Hongfa Relays, among other manufacturers. You can easily refine your signal relay product search results by clicking your preferred signal relay brand below from our list of manufacturers.

Applications for Signal Relays:

Devices that include signal relays have several uses in commercial applications and in everyday consumer products. A signal relay may be part of communications equipment, industrial machines, measurement and control equipment or medical equipment, among several other uses.

For applications requiring the use of surface mount technology, select the Gull Wing attribute in the Termination Style category, which gives you access to over 200 surface mount signal relay solutions from Tyco/TE Electronics and Panasonic Electric Works or Hong Fa.

Choosing the Right Signal Relay:

When you are looking for the right signal relays, with the FutureElectronics.com parametric search, you can filter the results by various attributes: by Coil Voltage (1.5V, 12V, 24 V,…), Maximum Contact Current (31 mA, 1 A, 2A,…) and Termination Style (Gull Wing, PCB,…) to name a few. You will be able to find the right signal relay from several manufacturers that can be used as an DPDT relay, SPST relay, SPDT relay, surface mount signal relay, latch relay, low signal relay, small signal relay, or for any other type of signal relay.

Signal Relays in Production Ready Packaging or R&D Quantities

If the quantity you want is significantly less than a full reel quantity, we offer many of our signal relay products on special mini reels that are production ready, without any unneeded surplus.

In addition, Future Electronics offers a unique bonded inventory program, created in order to eliminate possible setbacks caused by the often volatile supply of products which contain raw metals and parts with erratic or long lead times. Talk with the Future Electronics team at your nearest branch and learn more about eliminating potential shortages today.