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TJA1128 LIN Mini System Basis Chip

Cost effective, Space optimized. With its rich and customizable feature set, NXP's TJA1128 LIN mini SBC family offers a high degree of design-in flexibility while significantly reducing design-in costs and complexity, bill of materials (BoM) and required board space.

The TJA1128 is a LIN mini system basis chip (SBC) with a LIN transceiver, a low-dropout voltage regulator (LDO), a window watchdog, two WAKE inputs, one general purpose input (GPI) and one high-voltage multipurpose (HVMPO) output.

The voltage regulator delivers up to 85 mA and is available with 3.3 V and 5.0 V output voltages. The TJA1128 can be operated in very low-current standby and sleep modes with bus and local wake-up capability.



  • Battery operating voltage range from (3.3 V) 5.0 V to 28 V
    • SLEEP mode (voltage regulator off): typically 14 μA
    • STANDBY mode (voltage regulator on): typically 22 μA
  • Remote wake-up capability via pin LIN
  • Local wake-up via pins WAKE1 and WAKE2
    • Configurable level-sensitive wake-up detection
    • Cyclic sampled wake-up detection option with synchronized bias control via pin
  • Wake-up source recognition
  • Configurable high-voltage multipurpose output (HVMPO)
    • Bias control output for cyclic wake-up
    • Limp home output
    • Bias control output for battery monitoring circuit
    • General purpose input (GPI) controlled output
  • Limp home function on overtemperature, watchdog service fail, VCC Undervoltage and RSTN short-circuit to ground
  • Overtemperature shutdown
  • Bidirectional reset pin with variable power-on reset length


  • Configurable features and functions allow for greater design-in flexibility, reducing complexity and lowering external component count
  • High hardware/software reuse (family of variants) helps shorten time-to-market and lowers development and qualification costs
  • Fewer external components and greater integration optimize the BoM and PCB area


  • Automotive Advanced Exterior Lighting
  • Entry Infotainment / Connected Radio
  • Gateway
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Mid to High Infotainment / eCockpit
  • Service-Oriented Gateway

NXP TJA1128 Block Diagram

TJA1128 Block Diagram

NXP TJA1128 Application Diagram

TJA1128 Application Diagram


Evaluation Board for TJA1128 LIN Mini System Basis Chip

NXP's TJA1128EVB is an evaluation board for the TJA1128 LIN mini system basis chip as a hardware plug-in board (shield) with standards-based form factor compatible with Arduino® UNO pin layout, that enables rapid prototyping with a wide range of microcontroller development boards.

Evaluation Board for TJA1128 LIN Mini System Basis Chip
TJA1128EVB: Evaluation Board User Guide

For easy LIN follower prototyping, this board features a LIN transceiver, a low-dropout voltage regulator (LDO), a window watchdog and two WAKE inputs. Microcontroller board compatibility to:

  • S32K142EVB
  • S32K144EVB
  • FRDM-KEAZ128