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The CodeWarrior tool suite has been re-engineered to provide the tools you need to get quality products to market faster.


The ColdFire® Architectures V7.1 is a single, integrated tool suite designed to get you on the design fast track with V2, V3, V4 and V4e ColdFire members of the Freescale Controller Continuum.



HCS08/ColdFire (v1):

  • Unlimited C compiler / debugger code size (C++ limited to 1 Kbytes)
  • Processor Expert with Basic and Software Beans
  • Unlimited Data visualization/IO stimulation
  • HIWAVE flash programmer
  • Decoder

ColdFire (v2,v3,v4):

  • Assembly and C language support only
  • Flash programmer unlimited download size
  • Debugger maximum unlimited download size
  • Freescale USB TAP support
  • P&E USB/Cyclone Max support
  • ColdFire Device Initialization Beans
  • ColdFire Processor Expert Basic Beans
  • Instruction Set Simulator support

56800/E Digital Signal Controllers:

  • Unlimited assembler
  • Unlimited C code
  • Processor Expert with Basic and Advanced Beans
  • Data Visualization

Power Architectures:

  • Control:
    • Concurrently debugging multiple applications, process and threads
    • Support for Uboot (and other boot loaders) debugging
    • Source files can be modified while debugging (original is cached)
    • Browser support in the debugger
    • Integrated hardware diagnostics for board level testing
    • Integrated source-code navigation provides quick and easy access to functions and files
  • Flexibility:
    • Source files can be modified while debugging
  • Visibility - Graphical Views of:
    • "Always on" stack crawl and local variables
    • Breakpoints - hardware and software

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