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PIC24F Series 8 kB RAM 32 kB Flash 16-Bit Microcontroller SMT - SOIC-28

Modèle ECAD:
Nom du fabricant: Microchip
Emballage standard:
Product Variant Information section
Code de date: 1635
Product Specification Section
Microchip PIC24FJ32GB002-I/SO - Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
Family Name: PIC24F
Core Processor: PIC
Program Memory Type: Flash
Flash Size (Bytes): 32kB
RAM Size: 8kB
Speed: 32MHz
No of I/O Lines: 19
InterfaceType / Connectivity: IrDA/I2C/SPI/UART/USB OTG
Peripherals: LVD/POR/PWM/Watchdog
Number Of Timers: 5
Supply Voltage: 2V to 3.6V
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
On-Chip ADC: 9-chx10-bit
Style d'emballage :  SOIC-28
Méthode de montage : Surface Mount
$Fonctionnalités et applications

The PIC24FJ32GB002-I/SO is a part of PIC24F Series of Microcontrollers. It has an operating temperature ranging from -40ºC to +85ºC, it comes in SOIC-28 package.


  • Universal Serial Bus Features:
    • USB v2.0 On-The-Go (OTG) Compliant
    • Dual Role Capable – can act as either Host or Peripheral
    • Low-Speed (1.5 Mb/s) and Full-Speed (12 Mb/s) USB Operation in Host mode
    • Full-Speed USB Operation in Device mode
    • High-Precision PLL for USB
  • High-Performance CPU:
    • Modified Harvard Architecture
    • Up to 16 MIPS Operation @ 32 MHz
    • 8 MHz Internal Oscillator with 0.25% Typical Accuracy:
      • 96 MHz PLL
      • Multiple divide options
    • 17-Bit x 17-Bit Single-Cycle Hardware Fractional/integer Multiplier
    • 32-Bit by 16-Bit Hardware Divider
  • Special Microcontroller Features:
    • Operating Voltage Range of 2.0 V to 3.6 V
    • Self-Reprogrammable under Software Control
    • 5.5 V Tolerant Input (digital pins only)
    • High-Current Sink/Source (18 mA/18 mA) on All I/O Pins
    • Flash Program Memory:
      • 10,000 erase/write cycle endurance (minimum)
      • 20-year data retention minimum
      • Selectable write protection boundary
    • Fail-Safe Clock Monitor Operation:
      • Detects clock failure and switches to on-chip FRC oscillator
    • On-Chip 2.5 V Regulator
  • Analog Features:
    • 10-Bit, up to 13-Channel Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter:
      • 500 ksps conversion rate
      • Conversion available during Sleep and Idle
    • Three Analog Comparators with Programmable Input/Output Configuration
  • Peripheral Features:
    • Peripheral Pin Select:
      • Allows independent I/O mapping of many peripherals
      • Up to 25 available pins (44-pin devices)
      • Continuous hardware integrity checking and safety interlocks prevent unintentional configuration changes
    • 8-Bit Parallel Master Port (PMP/PSP):
      • Up to 16-bit multiplexed addressing, with up to 11 dedicated address pins on 44-pin devices
      • Programmable polarity on control lines
      • Supports legacy Parallel Slave Port

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