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Diodes Incorporated


Diodes Incorporated AL17051 Step-Down Converter

All the features to support always-on requirements of IoT connectivity

The AL17051 by Diodes Incorporated is a universal AC, high-voltage input, step-down converter that provides accurate 3.3V or 5V output, with dynamic performance and load regulation without requiring an optocoupler.

Typical applications include supplying power for offline low-power IoT (internet of things) devices that support WPAN (wireless personal area network) connectivity. To support always-on requirements of IoT connectivity, the AL17051 features an ultralow standby operation power of 10mW.

The AL17051 achieves a high 60% conversion efficiency at 50mA output current, and 50% at 10mA light loading during idle and sleep modes for IoT systems. With a high-degree of integration, including a 700V high-voltage MOS switch, the device is designed to reduce external components and minimize e-BOM (bill of materials) with a small form-factor package and PCB space. The part has rich protection features to enhance system safety and reliability.

The converter has overtemperature protection, VCC undervoltage lock-out function, overcurrent protection, and overload protection. The AL17051 comes in two variants, a 3.3V output and a 5V output version. Both are available in the SOT25 package.


The AL17051 is a low-standby power, non-isolated, highvoltage buck switcher for smart connected/IoT devices.

Integrated 700V MOSFET Supports Universal Mains Input Voltages

  • Minimal external components required to provide a constant voltage power supply for MCU or other IoT devices

Two Fixed-Output Variants of 3.3V and 5V Output Voltages

  • Requires no external resistor divider, minimizing BOM component count

High Efficiency at Both Full Load and Light Load (50% at Light Load 10mA)

  • Enables systems to meet the latest energy efficiency targets

10mW Ultra-Low Standby Power

  • Enables IoT devices to surpass latest standby power standards

Multiple Built-In Protections Against Anomalies

  • Enhances system safety and reliability


  • Power supply for Zigbee®/Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) in:
    • IoT connected lighting
    • Smart home appliances
  • Standby and auxiliary power supplies
  • Industrial controls