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Infineon OPTIGA™ Authenticate S Evaluation Kit

Test device authentication and anti-counterfeit capabilities of OPTIGA™ Authenticate S

This quick start kit comes with pre-installed software to help you experience all the features of OPTIGA™ Authenticate S and select the preferred combination for your application. The evaluation kit is a powerful package that combines PSoC™ 6 USB wireless prototyping board with security host library integration, the ModusToolbox™ development platform, full Software Development Kit (SDK), and C-based Application Programming Interface (API). The user-friendly graphical interface allows easy interaction with OPTIGA™ Authenticate S; no coding skills are required. This robust collection simplifies evaluating both OPTIGA™ Authenticate S and PSoC™ 6 for device authentication needs while offering support documentation to guide users through any challenges encountered during usage.


  • PSoC™ 6 USB wireless prototyping kit
  • SWI mikroBus™ board (2x SLE95415)
  • I2C mikroBus™ board (1x SLE95415)

OPTIGA™ Authenticate S Applications

  • Batteries and accessories
  • Battery powered tools
  • Light electric vehicles
  • Medical wrist worn technology
  • Multicopters and drones
  • Service robot system design
  • Single-use disposables such as HVAC, water filters, purifiers and cartridges
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Inhaler
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wearable Devices

OPTIGA™ Authentication S Benefits

  • Fully integrated host FW/SW
    • All security features and functions of the OPTIGA™ Authenticate S are enabled
    • One-way and mutual authentication
    • Host authentication and host support modes
    • Serial communication SWI, I2C, GPO, USB and others (supported by the PSoC™ 63 microcontroller and ModusToolbox™)
    • Secured lifecycle management, including secured LSC reset
    • Secured NVM
    • GPO settings
    • Enablement to change device settings
    • Programmer and debugger


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