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Grid-EYE® Infrared Array Sensor

Next-generation sensor technology, courtesy of Panasonic

Basically a thermal camera, just in a lower resolution. Featuring a built-in lens with a 60-degree viewing angle, the Panasonic Grid-EYE® is an 8x8 (64) pixel infrared array sensor offers digital output (I2C) for thermal presence, direction, and temperature values. Grid-EYE® features a compact SMD design using MEMS thermopile technology. Applications for this sensor can include: digital signage, security, lighting control, kiosks/ATMs, medical imaging, automatic doors, thermal mapping, people counting, robotics, and others.

The Grid-EYE® Sensor can detect temperature distribution in a two-dimensional area without contact in retail stores, shopping malls, offices, and many other human detection applications. The Grid-EYE® Sensor works in tandem with software to identify the number and position of people based on their body temperature, outputting a thermal data image and recognizes where appropriate distancing or density is or isn't maintained.

Panasonic Sensor Solutions streamline ever-changing new applications in the detection of rotational speed and angle, position, flow, velocity, temperature, currents and much more. This provides design engineers with the flexibility to easily choose and implement the sensor technology they need for existing and new applications.

Panasonic Grid-EYE® Infrared Array Sensor for Human Detection Applications

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