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Vishay MKP1848H THB Metallized Polypropylene DC-Link Film Capacitor

Exceptional performance, reliability, and compact design

Vishay's MKP1848H Metallized Polypropylene DC-Link Film Capacitors set a new benchmark in power electronics, empowering engineers with an advanced solution to meet the ever-growing demands of modern energy-efficient systems. With their exceptional performance, reliability, and compact design, these capacitors offer a significant advantage in enhancing power conversion efficiency and ensuring long-term system reliability.

Engineered for robustness and endurance, the MKP1848H capacitors exhibit excellent thermal stability and offer a wide operating temperature range. Their compact size and low profile design allow for easy integration into space-constrained applications, while their low dissipation factor and high insulation resistance contribute to increased system efficiency.

The MKP1848H capacitors are designed to withstand demanding environments thanks to high ripple currents and offering long service life and reliability.


  • High robustness under high humidity
  • THB 85 °C, 85 % RH, 1000 h at rated UNDC
  • AEC-Q200 qualified, revision D at Tmax. = 85 °C (Tmax. = 105 °C available on request)


  • Ideal for outdoor applications or in other harsh environments
  • Renewable energies inverters
  • UPS