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Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric D.FL75 Series 75Ω Micro Coaxial Connector

Low-profile 12G SDI connector featuring a space-saving design

The Hirose Electric D.FL75 Series micro coaxial connector was developed in response to the 12G-SDI standard. The D.FL75 improves board design freedom and reduces design time for internal wiring in applications such as broadcasting and video equipment.

The compact D.FL75 is a 75 Ohm, 4K/UHG transmission coaxial connector enabling internal wiring of equipment. The internal wiring is performed from the back of a BNC adapter attached to the panel with a coaxial cable, eliminating the need for signal routing on the board.

In addition to reducing the space needed for signal wiring, the space-saving 4mm x 4mm board connector area allows for a more flexible arrangement of electronic components. Since the panel and the board can be designed completely separate of each other, not only is the influence of design change minimized, the board can also be used with other panels. Separating the manufacturing and the assembly sites allows flexibility in both design and manufacturing.

Hirose Electric — D.FL75 Series 75Ω Micro Coaxial Connector


75Ω Micro Coaxial Connector Supporting 12G-SDI (75Ω, up to 12GHz)

  1. Compact 75Ω Coaxial Connector
  2. High impedance matching: High frequency compatible from DC to 12GHz
  3. Terminated with 75Ω, ultra-fine coaxial cable
  4. Suitable for 12G-SDI broadcasting and video equipment: When used with the BNC(75) series plug, 75Ω system lines are maintained from interface connection to the internal wiring systems.
  5. Supports automatic mounting
  6. Easy mating
  7. Simple unmating process
  8. Environmental Compatibility
    • Halogen Free
      Chlorine and bromine above the standard values are not used for receptacle and plug harnesses.
  9. *As defined by IEC61249-2-21 Br-900 ppm maximum, Cl-900 ppm maximum, Cl+Br combined-1,500 ppm maximum

Key Markets/Applications

  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Broadcasting equipment
  • Portable medical devices
  • FA cameras
  • Security cameras
  • Switching equipment
  • Video screens

Key Benefits

  • Space saving design
  • Supports internal wiring to reduce design time and increase design freedom
  • Eliminates PCB traces and enables designers to freely place components on the board
  • Enables reflow soldering of the PCB, reducing the number of process steps
  • Supports high frequency characteristic with low return loss
  • Excellent transmission characteristics compared to the board connection of other products on the market

Product Specifications

  • Supports 12G-SDI standard and SMPTE ST 2082-1
  • Only requires 4.0 mm x 4.0mm printed circuit board mounting space
  • Mating height of only 2.7 mm max

Function Diagram

Hirose — D.FL75 Series Function Diagram