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NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU

Balance performance and integration with NXP’s newest high-end solution

The NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU family, building upon the recently-launched RT1170 Crossover MCU portfolio, combines high-end capabilities with real-time responsiveness and ease-of-use on the single microcontroller.

The i.MX RT1160 is a dual-core MCU, boasting a 600 MHz Arm Cortex-M7 and a 240 MHz Cortex-M4. Both Arm Cortex cores include a good amount of tightly coupled memory that further improves overall system performance. The i.MX RT1160 device includes advanced security features along with up to 1MB SRAM, and 2D hardware GPU, 2 Ethernet ports, 2 HS USB OTG with PHY and support for a MIPI display and camera.

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The i.MX RT1160 family is manufactured in 28nm FD-SOI technology, making it ideal for both active power and leakage power.

The i.MX RT1160 MCUs build on the same four NXP target pillars of the i.MX RT1170:


  • 600MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 with 512 KB TCM
  • 240 MHz Cortex-M4 with 256KB TCM
  • 3852 total CoreMarks

Advanced Security

  • Secure Boot
  • High-Performance Crypto
  • Inline Encryption Engine (IEE)
  • On-The-Fly AES Decryption (OTFAD)
  • Tamper Detection

Rich Integration

  • 1MB SRAM
  • 2D GPU and 2D Accelerator
  • 1 x 1Gbps + 1 x 100Mbps Ethernet

Low Power

  • 28nm FD-SOI Process
  • Optimized for both active power & leakage power


The new Crossover Microcontroller series enables powerful applications within Industrial Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), motor control, home appliances and high-end audio devices. With this latest addition to NXP’s MCU lineup, customers can enjoy the microcontroller’s superior computing power and multiple media capabilities for their consumer and industrial applications thanks to the EdgeVerse™ edge computing platform.

The NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCUs feature a dual Arm® Cortex®-M7 core at 600MHz and Arm Cortex-M4 at 240MHz while adding advanced security. The i.MX RT1160 also provides various memory interfaces, including SDRAM, RAW NAND FLASH, NOR FLASH, SD/eMMC, Quad/Octal SPI, Hyper RAM/Flash, and a wide range of other interfaces for connecting peripherals, such as WLAN, BLUETOOTH®, GPS, displays, and camera sensors. The i.MX RT1160 also has rich audio and video features, including MIPI CSI/DSI, LCD display, graphic accelerator, camera interface, SPDIF, and I2S audio interface.

The i.MX RT1160 MCU delivers support over a wide temperature range and is designed for consumer and industrial markets.

i.MX RT1160 Rich Feature Set

  • Arm Cortex-M7 processor, up to 600 GHz, 32KB/32KB L1 Cache, 512KB TCM
  • Arm Cortex-M4 processor, up to 240MHz, 16KB/16KB L1 Cache, 256KB TCM
  • Up to 1MB on-chip SRAM (incl. TCM for CPU core)
  • Parallel LCD Display up to WXGA (1280x800) @60fps
  • 8/16/24-bit Parallel Camera Sensor Interface
  • 2-lane MIPI CSI and 2-lane MIPI DSI
  • 2D GPU & Graphics Accelerator
  • 8/16/32-bit SDRAM controller up to 200MHz
  • 8/16-bit Parallel NOR FLASH / NAND FLASH / SRAM
  • 2x Dual-channel FlexSPI Interfaces with On-the-Fly decryption, supporting serial NOR, serial NAND, HyperBUS devices
  • 2x eMMC 5.0/SD 3.0/SDIO Port
  • 2x USB 2.0 OTG, HS/FS, Device or Host with PHY
  • Audio: 4x I2S/SAI, 1x S/PDIF Tx/Rx, ASRC, 8-ch digital microphone input
  • Up to 2x ENET: 1Gbps ENET w/ AVB + 10/100 ENET w/ IEEE 1588
  • 2x 12-bit ADC, 4.2Msample/s, up to 20 input channels total
  • 4x Analog comparator, 1x 12-bit DAC Full PMU Integration, DCDC+LDOs
  • Full PMU Integration, DCDC+LDOs


Development Board






MCUXpresso SDK

  • Extensive suite of robust peripheral drivers, stacks, and middleware
  • Includes software examples demonstrating use of peripheral drivers and middleware

Supported Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

  • MCUXpresso IDE
  • IAR® Embedded Workbench
  • Arm Keil® Microcontroller Development Kit

MCUXpresso Config Tools

  • An integrated suite of configuration tools that helps guide users from first evaluation to production software development
  • Includes pins, clocks and peripheral tools for generation of MCUXpresso SDK code

i.MX RT1160 IoT Applications

i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU Smart Home

Smart Home

  • Thermostats
  • Home appliances
  • Smart gateway


i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU Consumer Audio

Consumer Audio

  • Audio interfaces
  • Mixers
  • Mic/voice/sound processors


NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU Factory Automation

Retail & Emerging Consumer Markets

  • POS (Point-of-sale) systems
  • Drones
  • Smart signage


i.MX RT1160 Industrial Applications

NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU Power & Energy

Factory Automation

  • Human machine interface
  • Industrial control
  • Multi-axis motor drivers


i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU Smart Home

Power & Energy

  • Electricity grid
  • Distribution


NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU Building Control

Building Control

  • Climate control
  • Lighting control
  • Security access panels
  • Elevator panels


NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

  • Drones
  • Buoys
  • Fleet Management


NXP i.MX RT1160 Crossover MCU healthcare


  • Medical imaging
  • Diagnostic equipment
  • Patient monitoring
  • Therapy
  • Activity/fitness equipment


i.MX RT1160 Family Block Diagram

i.MX RT1160 Family Block Diagram


NXP i.MX RT Series Crossover Processors

The i.MX RT series of crossover MCUs are NXP’s line of crossover MCUs. Part of the EdgeVerse™ edge computing platform, the series featres the Arm® Cortex®-M core, real-time functionality and MCU usability at a cost-effective price. i.MX RT series bridges the gap between the traditional MCUs and the applications processor space, allowing MCU customers a path for significant performance and integration improvements, without sacrificing ease-of-use. Built on a foundation of scalability, energy efficiency, security, machine learning and connectivity, i.MX RT Series Crossover processors is a term defined by NXP in June 2017. They now offer both i.MX RT crossover MCUs and i.MX crossover applications processors.



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