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Power Integrations

Power Integrations MIN1072M MinE-CAP™ IC

Bulk Capacitor miniaturization and inrush management for very high power density AC/DC converters

The Power Integrations MinE-CAP™ MIN1072M IC dramatically shrinks the size of input bulk capacitors without compromising output ripple, operating efficiency or requiring redesign of the transformer. When compared to traditional techniques such as very high switching frequency operation, MinE-CAP achieves the same or greater overall power supply size reduction while avoiding the challenges of complex EMI filtering and the increased transformer/clamp dissipation associated with very high frequency designs.

Power Integrations MinE-CAP also precisely manages inrush current at AC turn-on, eliminating the need for dissipative NTCs or large slow-blow fuses.

The MinE-CAP MIN1072M can also be used in applications requiring extended wide-range input (90 VAC to 350+VAC), again with a high percentage of the input capacitance 160 V rated along with either stacked 400 V or 500-600 V rated capacitors of much smaller value than would normally be required.

During steady state-operation, the MinE-CAP MIN1072M integrated circuit introduces CLV into the circuit at low AC line voltage when maximum input capacitance is required. To achieve this, the MIN1072M monitors the input rail and voltage across CLV to dynamically engage and disengage this capacitor during every AC line cycle as required to ensure that the power supply operates smoothly across the entire specified input voltage range.

MinE-CAP MIN1072M IC Block Diagram

Power Integrations – MinE-CAP MIN1072M IC Block Diagram


MinE-CAP MIN1072M IC Typical Application Schematic

Power Integrations – MinE-CAP MIN1072M IC Typical Application Schematic

MIN1072M MinE-CAP Key Features

  • Up to 50% volume reduction of input bulk capacitors (E-CAPs)
  • Up to 40% power supply volume savings
  • Eliminates inrush NTC
  • Significantly reduces i2t stress on the input bridge rectifier and fuse
  • Partners with the InnoSwitch™ IC family for lowest component count ultra-compact AC/DC converters
  • Over-temperature and input surge protection
  • Pin open-circuit and short-circuit and line undervoltage and overvoltage fault reporting
  • Miniature MinSOP-16A package

MIN1072M MinE-CAP Applications

  • Compact adapters
  • Smart chargers
  • USB wall sockets
  • Appliances
  • Power tools

Reference Designs:


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Power Integrations – MinE-CAP MIN1072M IC