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Innovative Technology Solutions for Home Health & Fitness Applications

Maxim’s Wearable Health Sensor Development Platform

Maxim Integrated Wearable Health Sensor Development Platform

  • Speed development of monitoring applications
  • Sensor Array for vital signs and more (HR, HRV, SpO2, Sleep, Resp)
  • BLE Enabled for phone connectivity
  • Discover the MAXREFDES103 Health and Fitness Sensor Evaluation Board


Melexis Miniature Surface Mount High Accuracy Thermometer IC

Melexis Miniature Surface MountHigh Accuracy Thermometer IC


ONSemiconductor RSL10 BluetoothSensor Development Kit

ON Semiconductor RSL10 Bluetooth Sensor Development Kit

  • Bosch gas sensor for humidity, high pressure accuracy, and temperature
  • Demonstrates NFC data transfer
  • Cloud connected demo


Renesas OB1203

Complete development platform to monitor Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Concentration, Pulse Oximetry, Proximity, Light and Color Sensor
Renesas OB1203



  • Wide Array of Design Engineers factory trained and certified
  • Deep level of expertise in RF, Processing, Power Design, and more

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