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Data to the Cloud in 30 Minutes

Harness the Cloud in 30 Minutes

Interested in a demo on easily pushing sensor data to the Cloud?


Automotive MCUs

A broad overview of the automotive MCU landscape
  • With the increasing electronics in Automotive and demand for Microcontrollers to support wide range of requirements such as Performance, Functional Safety, Scalability and Enablement, we provide an overview of today’s latest Automotive MCU landscape
  • Featuring the Renesas 16bit RL78, 32bit RH850, Infineon 32bit AURIX, Microchip PIC32 and 32 bit ARM and NXP 32bit ARM KEA, S32K and their MagniV that integrates analog features into a standard automotive MCU
Automotive MCUs at Future Electronics


Secure CAN

Secure CAN

Upgrade to Secure CAN now
  • The TJA115x transceiver family is a new generation of automotive high-speed CAN/CAN FD transceivers. These transceivers offer authentication of CAN communication without cryptography.
  • As long as no security incident is detected, the TJA115x transceiver behaves like standard high-speed CAN transceivers. These devices are intended for detection and containment of bus flooding, tampering and device spoofing.


Easy High Side Switching

Need more space? Easier design? Switch diagnostics?
  • There is a growing trend to integrate multiple switch functions. High side switching can be a hassle, but multiple suppliers offer solutions with intergrated MOSFETs, high side drivers, and even fault protection & monitoring.
  • Review the benefits of SmartFET integration and a selection of the latest and greatest options from NXP, Infineon, ST Micro, and ON Semi.
Easy High Side Switching


Telematics Solutions

Telematics Solutions

Powering the next generation of Connected Mobility
  • Telematics control units, rugged telematics devices and gateways from iWave Systems are well equipped to meet the ever-growing demand for connected mobility.
  • These solutions feature multiple CAN Interfaces and a combination of wired and wireless interfaces options support such as C-V2X, DSRC, LTE, Wi-Fi & BT suited for different telematics and connected vehicle applications.
  • Secure multi-purpose gateways are also available to support various vehicle and mobility infrastructures.





Technology Based Product Marketing Teams<

Technology Based Product Marketing Teams

Organized by technology to offer in-depth knowledge of pricing and availability trends

Comprehensive Design Support

Comprehensive Design Support

Factory certified Advanced Engineers specialized in driving NPI in emerging market segments and applications

Unique Customer Programs

Unique Customer Programs

Flexible financial programs and solutions including customized 

API solutions

Leading Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions

Leading Global Supply Chain and Business Solutions

99.5% On-Time Delivery to commit date with one of the largest available-to-sell inventories in the industry


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