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Buck/Boost Converter PICtail Plus Daughter Board

Mfr. Name: Microchip
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Technical Attributes
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Application Type: Expansion/Daughter Bd
Core Supported: PICtail
Features & Applications

AC164133 Buck/Boost Converter PICtail Plus Daughter Board provides an easy and economical development platform for dsPIC SMPS and Digital Power Conversion GS family Digital Signal Controllers which are designed to provide low-cost and efficient control for wide range of power supply topologies and power conversion applications.

It consists of two independent DC/DC synchronous buck converters and one independent DC/DC boost converter. Board operates from input supply of +9 V to +15 V DC. This board can be controlled either by interfacing to 28 - pin Starter Development board or to Explorer 16 Development Board. The control boards provide closed-loop Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control in the software to maintain the desired output voltage level.

Performance measures that can be evaluated are:

  • Digital control loop performance of power conversion
  • Dynamic load performance
  • Multiphase buck and synchronous buck converter
  • Parallel operation of two buck converters
  • Multiple output control with single dsPIC33F GS SMPS device


  • Operates at input voltage range +9 V to +15 V DC
  • Two synchronous buck converter power stages
  • One boost converter power stage
  • Full Load operation on 3.3 V, 5 V Buck outputs & 20 V Boost output
    • 5 V output1 @ 3 A
    • 3.3 V output2 @ 3 A
    • 20 V output3 @ 0.75 A
  • PMBus communication interface Connector
  • 5 Ω/5 W Switchable Resistive Load - Expandable
  • Supported by Mindi Power Design and Simulator Tool
  • Parallel operation of two buck converters
  • Various fault indication & Protection
  • Excellent Dynamic load performance & Output sequencing
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