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ARM Cortex and Other Devices Cyclone In-System Stand-Alone Device Programmer

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Mfr. Name: NXP
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NXP U-CYCLONE-FX - Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Application Type: Programmer/Debugger/Software
Core Supported: ARM Cortex
Features & Applications

The U-CYCLONE-FX is PEmicro's flagship stand-alone programmer, a powerful tool which offers high-speed in-circuit programming, debug and test. It supports a wide range of ARM Cortex and NXP® processor families. U-CYCLONE-FX programmers contain vast on-board storage for programming images, provide target power, offer multiple communications methods (including Ethernet), support manual or automated programming, and have easy-to-use color touchscreen interfaces for manual configuration and operation. The U-CYCLONE-FX also offers advanced security and other features including: programming count limitations, serialization, integration of dynamic data, encryption, target test, expansion ports, and execution of calibration code.


  • Many Supported Architectures
    Supports a wide range ARM® Cortex® devices as well as NXP Kinetis, LPC, MPC55xx/56xx/57xx, S32, ColdFire, HC(S)12(X), S12Z, HCS08, RS08, HC08, DSC, MAC7xxx. SWD, BDM, JTAG Protocols.
  • Multiple Communications Interfaces
  • USB 2.0 (High-Speed), Ethernet, and Serial interfaces
  • Extended Security Features
  • Anti-tamper technology
  • Internal memory protection & encryption
  • Limit # of programming operations
  • Limit programming to a date range
  • High Speed Target Communications
  • The Cyclone FX improves on the already fast target communications speed of the Cyclone and is capable of speeds up to 25Mb/s.
  • 1 GB On-Board Storage
    The Cyclone FX may be pre-programmed with non-volatile programming images up to 1 GB internal memory, and controlled via the touchscreen LCD, start button, or remotely from a PC (serial, USB, ethernet). Stand-alone programming operation does not require a PC.

Power Switching

  • Allows switching of the target's power supply via Cyclone FX "power-in" and "power-out" jacks. On-board electromechanical relays handle the power switching. Power can also be provided to the target via the debug connection
  • Multiple Image Support
  • Multiple programming images may be stored in Cyclone FX memory.

Serial Number Programming

  • The Cyclone FX can program dynamic data, such as serial numbers.
  • Touchscreen LCD Display
  • The 4.3" touchscreen display, in conjunction with the status LEDs and Start button, allows stand-alone control and configuration of the Cyclone FX.


  • May be used as a high-speed debug probe via Ethernet, USB or Serial.

**Please use this link for our Manual for U-CYCLONE-FX (http://www.pemicro.com/downloads/download_file.cfm?download_id=479 )**

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