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TL Series Lithium 1/2 AA Standard 3.6 V 0.95 Ah Cylindrical Cell Battery

Mfr. Name: Tadiran Batteries
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Date Code: 1906
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Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Chemistry: Lithium Metal
Rated Voltage: 3.6V
Battery Cell Size: 1/2 AA
Capacity: 0.95Ah
Rechargeable: No
Operating Temp Range: -55°C to +85°C
Dimension: H  25.2mm x D  14.5mm
Features & Applications

All lithium (primary and rechargeable) batteries are subject to various transportation regulations. Learn More

Tadiran Batteries is a leading manufacturers of lithium thionyl chloride technology and has perfected their craft through 25 years of research, development and manufacturing expertise. Tadiran lithium thionyl chloride cells outperform all competitors boasting life spans of 20 years and up. The battery technology perfected by Tadiran is unique, enabling design engineers to pack more power into less space, combining unparalleled reliability, long life and powerful performance, giving way to their motto “Better by Design”. Tadiran also offers unmatched safety due to their unique "failsafe" construction and are free of heavy metals, making them among the most environmentally friendly of all batteries.

The Memory Back Up Cylindrical Cell Series are built for long term low current application. This is achieved through higher energy densities which can range up to 710 Wh/Kg and 1420 Wh/L, and are the highest capacity by weight and volume compared to any known battery technology. In addition to their high capacity and longevity these batteries can perform under extreme conditions. With a potential operating temperature range of -55°C to 150°C, these are the ideal batteries for harsh climates where battery replacement can be difficult.

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