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VP1-0190 Series 12.2 uH 0.145 Ohm Surface Mount Inductor and Transformer

ECAD Model:
Mfr. Name: Eaton
Standard Pkg:
Date Code: 1652
Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Type: Flyback
Turns Ratio (Np:Ns): 1:1
Rated Current: 0.85A
Inductance: 12.2µH
DC Resistance: 0.145Ω
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

Cooper Bussmann, and its magnetics brand Coiltronics, specializes in standard and custom solutions offering the latest in state-of-the-art low profile high power density magnetic components. Coiltronics specializes in inductors and transformers for DC-DC power conversion and switch-mode applications requiring higher frequency.

Versa-Pac (VP) products are six winding, surface mount devices utilizing Coiltronics Standard Geometry product line that can be used in hundreds of transformer and inductor configurations. Each device is designed and built to provide tightly coupled windings with the same number of turns on each winding. This delivers substantial functional flexibility to circuit design engineers.

Vera-Pacs can be used in the following applications: buck, boost, coupled, choke, filter, resonant, noise filtering, differential, forward and common mode, flyback, feed forward, push-pull, multiple output, inverter, step-up, step-down,gate drive, base drive, wide band, pulse, control, impedance, isolation, bridging, ringer, converter and auto.

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