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MIC2587 Series 80 5 mA Single-Channel, Positive High-Voltage Hot Swap Controller

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Mfr. Name: Microchip
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Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Type: Industrial Alarm Systems Controller
Supply Voltage-Max: 80V
Supply Current-Max: 5mA
No of Outputs: Single
Package Style:  SOIC-8
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

The MIC2587R-2YM is a single-channel positive voltage hot swap controllers designed to provide safe insertion and removal of boards for systems that require live (always-powered) backplanes. These devices use few external components and act as controllers for external N-channel power MOSFET devices to provide inrush current control and output voltage slew rate control. 

Overcurrent fault protection is provided via programmable analog foldback current limit circuitry equipped with a programmable overcurrent filter. These protection circuits combine to limit the power dissipation of the external MOSFET to insure that the MOSFET is in its SOA during fault conditions. The MIC2587R-2YM provides a circuit breaker function that latches the output MOSFET off if the load current exceeds the current limit threshold for the duration of the programmable timer. The MIC2587R provides a circuit breaker function that automatically attempts to restart power after a load current fault at a low duty cycle to prevent the MOSFET from overheating.  Each device provides either an active-HIGH (-1BM) or an active-LOW  (-2BM) “Power-is-Good” signal to indicate that the output load voltage is within tolerance.

Key Features:

  • MIC2587: Pin-for-pin functional equivalent to the LT1641.
  • Operates from +10 V to +80 V with 100 V ABS MAX operation.
  • Industrial temperature specifications at VCC = +24 V and VCC = +48 V.
  • Programmable current limit with analog foldback.
  • Active current regulation minimizes inrush current.
  • Electronic circuit breaker for overcurrent fault protection.
    • Output latch off (MIC2587) or
    • Output auto-retry (MIC2587R).
  • Fast responding circuit breaker (<2μs) to short circuit loads.
  • Programmable input undervoltage lockout.
  • Fault Reporting:
  • Open-drain “Power-is-Good” output for enabling DC/DC converter(s).
    • Active-HIGH:MIC2587-1/MIC2587R-1.
    • Active-LOW:MIC2587-2 /MIC2587R-2.


  • General-purpose hot board insertion.
  • High-voltage, high-side electronic circuit breaker.
  • +12 V/+24 V/+48 V Distributed Power Systems.
  • +24 V/+48 V Industrial/Alarm Systems.
  • Telecom Systems.
  • Medical systems.  
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