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I-PEX CABLINE® Family of Micro-Coaxial Connectors

Fully shielded with multiple grounding points to prevent EMI leakage

The I-PEX CABLINE®-VS II micro-coaxial connector is fully-shielded with a mechanical lock for secure mating. It is suitable for high data rate transfers of up to 20 Gbps/lane.

CABLINE® Micro-Coaxial connectors address the increasing usage of large-capacity memory devices where high-resolution images and videos can be enjoyed more and more on consumer products such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. The amount of information that needs to be processed on these devices has dramatically increased, and the signal speeds of the devices have been getting faster and faster.

Thanks to I-PEX, board designers now have more flexibility in choosing how to route signals, since they can use micro-coaxial solutions to transmit high-speed signals over longer distances while staying within their loss budget. The CABLINE® micro-coaxial harness jumper can transmit a distance about two to three times longer than a low transmission loss board at any transmission speed.

Key Features

  • ZenShield® fully-shielded with multi-point grounds to prevent EMI leakage
  • Mechanical locking cover prevents incomplete mating and back-out/un-mating
  • High-data-rate transfer, ideal for Thunderbolt™ 3 (20 Gbps/lane) applications


  • Contact Pitch (mm): 0.400&0.500
  • Height: 1.20 Max
  • Available Pin Count: 20 30 40
  • Micro-Coaxial Cable (AWG): #36 #38 #40 #42 #44 #46
  • Mating Direction: Horizontal

The CABLINE connectors are suitable for use with a variety of high-speed communications protocols, including:

  • USB 4 operating at up to 20 Gbits/s per lane
  • PCIe Gen 4 supporting rates of 16GT/s
  • eDP HBR 3, at 8.1 Gbits/s
  • MIPI
  • HDMI 1.3

Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Displays
  • Automotive infotainment systems
  • Servers
  • Notebooks and PCs
  • Virtual reality/augmented reality
  • Camera modules
  • Storage devices


I-PEX - Transmission Comparison

I-PEX conducted a transmission loss comparison test between a low-transmission-loss board and a micro-coaxial harness jumper.

CABLINE® Family of Micro-Coaxial Connectors


I-PEX Cabline-CA II Connector
I-PEX's Cabline-UM Connector