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PIC32MK High-Performance 32-bit Microcontrollers for Precision Motor Control

Featuring Unmatched Analog Peripherals, DSP and Floating Point in a Small Package Size

The Microchip PIC32MK 32-bit Microcontroller (MCU) family is the perfect fit for industrial, automotive and motor control applications. This is done with the MCU family’s industry-leading hardware, computational performance, integration capability, communication interfaces and VQFN/TQFP package sizes.

The PIC32MK series by Microchip adds intelligence to all applications, while reducing overall energy consumption and increasing the lifespan of its end-application motors. The PIC32MK features high computational performance CPU running at 120MHz (198 DMIPS), hardware Floating Point Unit (FPU) and DSP. These MCUs also have industry-leading analog integration, a variety of communication interfaces like USB, CAN FD, SPI, I2C and UART, available in a wide range of package sizes.

MPLAB® Harmony v3

MPLAB® Harmony v3 is the fully-embedded software solution for PIC32MK Series microcontrollers, which simplifies development and reduces overall time to market. This framework provides flexible and interoperable software modules for easy device and library setup, support, downloads and updates, graphics libraries and more.

Superior Analog

7x ADC, 3x DAC, 5x AC, 4x OpAmp

  • 7x 3.75 Msps 12 bit ADC modules offering up to 42 inputs and supporting a combined performance of 25.45 Msps , enables higher analog precision
  • High speed Analog Comparator (AC) and Operational Amplifier OpAmp ) enable higher system efficiency and reduce design complexity and the no. of external discrete device needed

Advanced Motor Interfaces

Up to 12x Motor PWM Pairs, 6x QEI

  • Motor control optimized PWM modules increase the system efficiency and decrease the no. of external discrete devices
  • Multiple Quadrature Encoders enables higher resolution on motor position and direction

Smart Peripheral Mix

2x USB, 4x CAN FD, LIN, I2S

  • One single MCU that communicates to multiple bus protocols
  • Reduced design complexity
  • Reduced cost


  • 3 Phase AC Induction Motor: pumps, fans and industrial motor drives
  • Sensored BLDC and PMSM Motor: E bikes, power tools, 3D printers
  • Cost Sensitive Sensorless Motor: ceiling fans, drones, pumps, compressors, washing machines
  • High Speed and High Precision Motor: CNC, sewing machine, robotics
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