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Microchip PolarFire & PolarFire SoC FPGAs

Lowest Power, Cost-Optimized, Mid-Range FPGAs & AI/Machine Learning Solution

Award-winning PolarFire & PolarFire SoC FPGAs by Microchip deliver the industry’s lowest power at mid-range densities with exceptional security and reliability. The product family spans from 48K logic elements (LEs) to 500K LEs, features 12.7G transceivers and offers up to 50% lower power than competing mid-range FPGAs. The devices are ideal for a wide range of applications within wireline access networks and cellular infrastructure, defense and commercial aviation markets, as well as industrial automation and IoT markets. Get started with your design today by downloading the Libero SoC PolarFire Design Suite and ordering a PolarFire development kit that best matches your needs.

  • Industry’s Best FPGA Security - Microchip’s PolarFire & PolarFire SoC FPGAs represent the industry’s most advanced secure programmable FPGAs
  • Industry’s Best FPGA Security - Cyber Security is the #1 Concern for Connected Devices on the Network Edge
  • Smallest Form Factors, PolarFire & PolarFire SoC FPGAs offer best-in-class form factors at 100K, 200K, and 300K LES



Cost-Optimized Architecture

  • Architecture and process optimizations for 100K/500K LE devices
  • Transceiver performance optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields smaller size
  • 1.6 Gbps I/Os supporting DDR4/DDR3/LPDDR3, LVDS - hardened I/O gearing logic with CDR (supports SGMII/GbE links on GPIOs)
  • Best-in-class high-performance, hardened security IP in mid-range devices

Power Optimization

  • The lowest static power—1/10 static power vs. competing devices
  • Transceiver optimized for 12.7 Gbps, which yields 1/2 the power vs. competing devices
  • Integrated hard IP—DDR PHY, PCIe endpoint/root port, crypto processor
  • Total power (static and dynamic)—up to 50% lower power
  • Communications - Wireline Access and Cellular Infrastructure
    • Wireline access, backhaul, edge, metro (1G–40G) & heterogeneous networks
    • Smart optical modules
    • Video broadcasting
  • Defense and Aviation Applications
    • Encryption and root of trust
    • Secure wireless communications, Radar & electronic warfare
    • Smart munitions
    • Aircraft networking
    • Actuation and control
  • Industrial Applications
    • Process control and factory automation
    • Machine vision, processing and analytics
    • Thermal and image processing
    • Robotics and motion control
    • Industrial IoT & Networking
    • Programmable logic controllers


PolarFire FPGA Architecture


Avalanche Development Kit

Platform with Microchip MPF300TS 300kLE PolarFire FPGA and VSC8531 Gigabit Ethernet PHY, Panasonic PAN9420 WiFi module, and Arduino/mikroBUS/PMod connectors, ideal for object detection and monitoring in smart embedded vision applications.

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Northern Lights Demonstration Kit

Platform combines machine learning with vision and digital signal controller technologies to provide an all-in-one demonstration for object recognition-based motor control applications. It includes a Video Board with a color CMOS image sensor and a low cost, low power FPGA; a Display Module with color OLED panel; and a Motor Control Board with a digital signal controller.

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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for the Network Edge

Future Electronics has a global team of specialist engineers with decades of experience in microprocessor and FPGA embedded processing applications.

They are available to help you select the best solution for your AI application.