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Signify Xitanium LED Drivers

Featuring ComfortFade dim-to-off technology

Signify Xitanium LED drivers address the growing demand for controllability and flexibility with many configurable features such as a unique dimming interface, multiple output current choices, SimpleSet programming, ComfortFade and more. Many lighting applications require reliable drivers matching the long lifetime of their LEDs. Thankfully, the long-lasting and low-maintenance Xitanium LED drivers enable luminaire manufacturers to streamline logistics without compromising on performance. In addition, Xitanium LED drivers achieve remarkable energy savings and CO2 reductions with dimming.

Key Features

Advance Xitanium LED drivers feature ComfortFade and auxiliary output, which offer a unique opportunity to achieve luminaire design goals. The drivers allow the addition of sensors without an additional power pack, and they also feature the proven SimpleSet programming technology.

Xitanium Indoor

With ultimate flexiblity, these models are compatible with standard 0-10V dimming systems to deliver reliably smooth dimming performance down to a minimum of 1%. These drivers feature SimpleSet technology, precise tuning of drive currents, selectable dimming curves and adjustable minimum dimming levels. This simplifies the design of linear fixtures with desired lumen levels to suit the application.

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Xitanium Outdoor

The Advance Xitanium LED Outdoor Driver portfolio covers a wide range of solutions to operate LED systems in outdoor applications. These drivers are designed for hard-wired integration into outdoor luminaires for the most rugged applications. They operate to specification under wide temperature and electrical ranges to ensure reliability.

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