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Panasonic’s Soft PGS Thermal Interface Material (TIM) is highly compressible, to reduce thermal resistance between rough surfaces in extremely thin spaces. It is custom-cut to IGBT module footprints.

The use of a Soft PGS TIM helps to extend the lifetime of power modules and increase their performance by providing high thermostability and reliability in thermally sensitive areas. Soft PGS is easy to install with a one- or two-step process which entails much lower labor and installation costs than the application of thermal grease.

Soft PGS is much more compressible than standard PGS. This feature of Soft PGS reduces thermal resistance because the thermally conductive material follows the gaps, warpage and distortion in the heat-generating target object or substrate. Soft PGS also offers excellent resistance to high temperatures.

  • 0.2K-cm2/W thermal resistance
  • Thermal conductivity:
    • 400W/m•K in the X-Y direction
    • 28W/m•K in the Z direction
  • 40% compressibility at 600kPa pressure
  • Operating-temperature range:
  • -55°C to 400°C
  • Automotive systems
  • Power supplies
  • Audio/visual equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Communications systems

Panasonic’s Soft PGS material fills air gaps between a power module and a heatsink


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