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Infineon Technologies TLI4971 XENSIV™ Magnetic Current Sensor

The XENSIV™ TLI4971 from Infineon Technologies is a high-precision coreless current sensor for industrial applications.

The first in a planned family of XENSIV™ Hall magnetic current sensors, the TLI4971 provides a selectable current-measurement range from ±25A to ±120A. This means that it is suitable for industrial applications such as electric drives consuming up to 50kW, and for photovoltaic inverters.

The coreless, open-loop sensor architecture gives the Infineon TLI4971 the advantages of both high measurement performance and small size. The sensor’s analog measurement outputs are accurate and stable thanks to proven temperature and stress compensation implemented in the chip: sensitivity error is as low as 3% at room temperature, and can be reduced to less than 3% with a single-point, in-system calibration.

The sensor adopts a differential measurement principle based on the outputs from two Hall magnetic cells. This ensures high accuracy even when used in a noisy environment which generates cross-talk from adjacent power lines or magnetic stray fields.

The coreless architecture adopted by the TLI4971 enables Infineon to house the chip in a small 8mm x 8mm x 1mm QFN package. In addition, the layout of the current rail provides best-in-class thermal performance when measuring currents up to 120A.

The TLI4971 has two output pins for fast over-current signals of <1.5µs. Users can program the threshold and delay time of the over-current signals without the need for external components. The signals can be used for pre-warning and system shut-down.

Another feature of the current sensor is the option to select between three output modes – single-ended, semi-differential and full differential mode – increasing the flexibility to adapt to application-specific requirements.

The XENSIV TLI4971 current sensors are available with the orderable part numbers TLI4971A120T5UE0001XUMA1, which is a UL-recognized device, or TLI4971A120T5E0001XUMA1.

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TLI4971 Features
  • 225µΩ insertion resistance on current rail for low power loss
  • Supply-voltage range: 3.1V-3.5V
  • Up to 120kHz bandwidth
  • Excellent offset stability over temperature and lifetime
  • Withstands voltage slew rates up to 10V/ns
  • Galvanic functional isolation up to 1.1kV peak
  • 4mm clearance and creepage distance
TLI4971 Applications
  • Electrical drives rated for up to 690V
  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • General-purpose inverters
  • Overload and over-current detection
  • Current monitoring
  • Battery chargers
  • Power supplies


Infineon TLI4971A120T5UE0001XUMA1 Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kits

The TLI4971 Shield2Go is a board for measuring currents up to ±20A based on the TLI4971 current sensor. It is intended for use with an Arduino or XMC 2GO controller board.

TLI4971 MS2GO is a 2GO kit providing a complete evaluation environment for the TLI4971 current sensor, including control and debug functions, and a dedicated GUI. Users can make their first current measurements within minutes of opening the box.