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Diodes Incorporated

Diodes Incorporated: Explore An Extensive Lineup of Discrete Semiconductors

Discrete products to support high-power-density solutions for USB PD 3.1 chargers and adapters

Diodes Incorporated features a comprehensive suite of discrete products offering a wide range of opportunities to support the design of USB chargers and adapters. The lineup of semiconductor components features:

  • 60 V N-channel MOSFETs supporting the switching requirements for the USB decoder
  • All the synchronous rectification circuit requirements
  • A standard circuit required optocoupler
  • A bridge rectifier to support the incoming AC voltage
  • Protection products
  • Switching diodes

These Diodes Incorporated discretes ensure the circuit operates safely and efficiently. The wide product range ensures efficient and reliable operation for the entire circuit.

Why We Picked Diodes Incorporated Discrete Semiconductors

This is a diversified lineup enabling numerous design opportunities in many applications

MOSFETs are crucial for switching and voltage regulation in power supply circuits, while bridge rectifiers are responsible for the conversion of AC to DC, providing a continuous and rectified output. These components, when integrated with other discrete elements, contribute effectively to the overall functionality and efficiency of USB chargers and adapters.

In USB chargers and adapters, optocouplers are employed to enhance safety, improve performance, and meet regulatory requirements. Designers carefully select and integrate optocouplers where isolation is needed, considering factors such as voltage ratings, speed, and the specific isolation requirements of the application.

Diodes Incorporated — Discrete Component Schematic Diagram

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