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Littelfuse smart home solutions are making our lives more convenient, protected and energy efficient. Let’s take a deep dive into the intelligent technologies that make that possible.


Smart locks and access control

Through position sensing, tamper detection and wireless communication, each component works together to make sure our home, loved ones and possessions are safe and secure.


Smart plugs and dimmers

Bring your “normal” outlets and light dimmers to the next level. How about AC Line Protection, Power Supply Switching and an upgraded Wireless Interface?


Smart thermostat

Time to intelligently heat and cool your home for convenience and savings. See the components that go into the behavior, automation and performance of these thermostats.


Smart meters

Littelfuse’s switches, sensors, diodes and other components are behind the move towards smart electricity, gas and water meters. They provide detailed real-time data for the consumer and present many advantages for utility providers such as leakage detection and tampering discovery.


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