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Nexperia NextPowerS3 MOSFETs – Safe, Reliable and Efficient

Nexperia’s NextPowerS3 is a high-performance 25 V, 30 V and 40 V MOSFET platform that incorporates Nexperia’s unique superjunction technology to achieve the perfect balance in MOSFET capabilities.

Power engineers who are forced to choose between low RDS(ON) vs. low QG(tot), or fast-switching vs. low spiking, have been challenged to develop products that may lose out on efficiency, size and cost benefits.

With the superjunction design of the NextPowerS3 MOSFETs, coupled with its copper-clip LFPAK package, engineers can benefit from these devices that deliver low RDS(on), while demonstrating a continuous current capability up to 380 A. These parameters work synchronously, which makes for safe and reliable high-powered MOSFETs that do not have such limitations.

Nexperia’s extensive portfolio of MOSFETs with NextPowerS3 technology enable new performance levels across a wide range of applications.

NextPowerS3 50V & 55V - Market leading RDSon performance

Features & Benefits
  • Optimized for low RDSon
  • Max current up to 320A
  • Best-in-class Safe Operating Area (SOA)
  • Copper-clip for excellent thermal performance
  • High reliability LFPAK package, qualified to 175 °C
  • Wave solderable; exposed leads for optimal solder coverage and visual solder inspection
  • Battery protection
  • e-Fuse
  • DC switch / Load switch
  • Brushed and brushless motor control
  • Synchronous rectification in AC-DC and DC-DC applications


NextPower 80V/100V - Market leading low Qrr performance

Features & Benefits
  • Low Qrr for higher efficiency and lower spiking
  • Low QG × RDSon FOM for high efficiency switching applications
  • Strong avalanche energy rating (Eas)
  • Avalanche rated and 100% tested
  • Ha-free and RoHS compliant LFPAK56 package
  • Wave-solderable LFPAK56 package
  • Synchronous rectifier in AC:DC & DC:DC
  • Primary side switch – 48 V DC:DC
  • BLDC motor control
  • USB-PD adapters & chargers
  • Full-bridge and half-bridge applications
  • Flyback and resonant topologies


DFN0606 Series MOSFETs - Smallest package with 0.35 mm pitch

Features & Benefits
  • Same performance as larger package on smallest footprint
  • Ideal for mobile and space-constraint application
  • Broad portfolio in N-channel and P-channel
  • 2N7002 functionality in DFN0606
  • Mobile phones
  • Wearable, portable devices
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Headsets, earphones, hearing aids