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Melexis MLX92362/1 Hall Based SOI Floating Switch

Isolated output programmable Hall Effect Latch/Switch/Omnipolar Switch

The Melexis MLX92362/1 is a revolutionary Hall switch providing better assembly yield and reliability in fluid level measurements. With Its isolated floating output, the MLX92361 only requires power to directly drive the load. The MLX92362/1 is a monolithic sensor IC sensitive to normal or lateral magnetic field. It has two output pins, OUTA and OUTB, which are connected to an electrically isolated switch.

The MLX92362/1 can be programmed to output direct or inverted signal from one of the two sensitive axes – X(Y) or Z. The signal available on the output pins is the result of a comparison between the applied magnetic field and the pre-programmed magnetic thresholds BOP and BRP for the selected sensitive axis.

The MLX92362/1 can be programmed to act as magnetic latch or unipolar switch or omnipolar switch.

The MLX92362/1 can be used as general replacement of reed switches having the advantage of solid-state reliability.

Note that a series of ICs can be connected in a single module, and synchronized via the same 3-wire interface thanks to the built-in daisy-chain function.

For development programming, the EVB92662 is available. For mass-production programming, the MLX92362 is compatible with the PTC04 (DB-HALL06).

MLX92361: pre-programmed (factory programmed)
MLX92362: programmable

Melexis — South Pole for X,Y and Z axis Hall-effect Switch

Features and Benefits

  • Normal or lateral magnetic sensitivity options X (Y) or Z
  • Output isolated from the supply voltage (SOI)
    • OUTA/OUTB potentials can be below GND or above VDD
  • Built-in daisy-chain functionality to synchronize multiple ICs
  • Typical RON of 3Ω
  • Output current up to 100 mA (AMR 200 mA)
  • Programmable magnetic thresholds and threshold temperature coefficient
  • Programmable magnetic Latch, Unipolar and Omnipolar Switch function
  • Operating voltage range from 4.5V to 28V
  • Operating temperature from -40°C to 150°C
  • Low average supply current – 180μA typical
  • Under-Voltage Reset protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Package RoHS compliant TSOT-6L


  • Reed switch replacement
  • Fluid level meter applications
  • Push button
  • Direct load driving
  • HIGH/LOW side switch


MLX92362 Functional Diagram

Melexis — MLX92362 Functional Diagram

MLX92362/1 - Fluid Level Meter Application Schematic

Melexis — MLX92362/1 Fluid Level Meter Application Schematic


Evaluation Board for MLX92362 Latch & Switch

The EVB2 for Latch & Switch (LatchSwitchEVB2) is a compact and versatile board to program and control the MLX92362. It connets via USB. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided.

The EVB is an evaluation board meant for lab and prototyping evaluation. It can also be used as a demonstator.

The Latch and Switch EVB2 can also be used for small volume programming, when the costs for acquiring the Melexis Programmable Toolbox (PTC-04) is too high for the project. For end of line programing (mass production), the Melexis PTC-04 should be used.

Melexis — Evaluation Board for MLX92362 Latch & Switch

Top Features

  • Interface allowing the configuration of Melexis programmable Latch & Switches
  • Lab and prototyping evaluation, bench test programming
  • Used for demonstration purposes


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