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UC3844B Series 250 kHz High Performance Current Mode PWM Controller - DIP-8

Nom du fabricant: STMicroelectronics
Emballage standard:
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Code de date: 1525
Product Specification Section
Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
Supply Current-Max: 17mA
Supply Voltage: 10V to 30V
Frequency-Max: 250kHz
Input Voltage: 2.58V
Topology: Boost/Flyback
Rated Power: 1.25W
Duty Cycle-Min: 0%
Duty Cycle-Max: 50%
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +150°C
Storage Temperature Range: -65°C to +150°C
Output Current: 1mA
Thermal Resistance: 100°C/W
Fonctionnalités et applications
The UC3844BN is of control ICs provides the necessary features to implement off-line or DC to DC fixed frequency current mode control schemes with a minimal external parts count. Internally implemented circuits include a trimmed oscillator for precise DUTY CYCLE CONTROL under voltage lockout featuring start-up current less than 0.5 A.

A precision reference trimmed for accuracy at the error amp input, logic to insure latched operation, a PWM comparator which also provides current limit control, and a totem pole output stage designed to source or sink high peak current. The output stage, suitable for driving N-Channel MOSFETs, is low in the offstate.


  • Trimmed Oscillator for Precise frequency Control
  • Oscillator Frequency Guaranteed at 250 Hz
  • Current Mode Operation to 500 kHz
  • Automatic Feed Forward Copensation
  • Latching PWM for Cycle-by-cycle Current Limiting
  • Internally Trimmed Reference with Undervoltage lockout
  • High Current totem pole output Undervoltage Lockout With Hystersis
  • Low Start-up and Operating Current

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