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MIC6270 Series Single 36 V 250 nA IttyBitty™ Comparator - SOT-23-5

Modèle ECAD:
Nom du fabricant: Microchip
Emballage standard:
Product Variant Information section
Code de date: 2310
Product Specification Section
Microchip MIC6270YM5-TR - Caractéristiques techniques
Attributes Table
Type: General Purpose
No of Channels: 1
Average Bias Current-Max: 250nA
Supply Voltage: 2V to 36V
Thermal Resistance: 220°C/W
Style d'emballage :  SOT-23-5 (SOT-25)
Méthode de montage : Surface Mount
Fonctionnalités et applications

The MIC6270 is a precision voltage comparator with an offset voltage specification of 5 mV maximum. The MIC6270 is designed to operate from a single 2 V to 36 V power supply. Operation from split power supplies is also possible. Its low supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the supply voltage.

This comparator also features an input common-mode voltage range that includes ground. Inputs are protected against reverse polarity (input voltage less than V–) and ESD. The MIC6270 has an open-collector output that directly interfaces with TTL, CMOS, and other types of logic. Several MIC6270 outputs can be connected together for wired-OR logic. The output also features an internal pull-up current source that can be used instead of an external load in some applications.


  • 2 V to 36 V supply
  • 300 µA supply current independent of supply
  • 25 nA input bias current
  • ±5 nA input offset current
  • ±3 mV input offset voltage
  • Input common-mode voltage range includes ground
  • Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage
  • 250 mV at 4 mA output saturation voltage
  • Output compatible with TTL, DTL, ECL, MOS, and CMOS logic  


  • Limit comparators
  • A/D converters
  • Pulse, square wave, time delay generators
  • Wide range VCO
  • MOS clock timers
  • Multivibrators and high-voltage digital logic gates

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