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Altech Corporation


Altech Power Supplies

Compact, reliable, clean

Altech offers several lines of power supply products to fit most applications with the clean, reliable, and high-performance they need for worldwide distribution of systems.

Through the use of DIN rail systems and the latest power density designs, the latest power supplies by Altech provide thousands of hours of operation as well as savings in installation time and overall cost.

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Compact: PSC Series

Designed for the fast growing demand of DIN rail applications, Altech's PSC Series, coming in 10W to 480W models, complies with the compact requirements on the industrial rail.

Enclosed with fully isolated plastic or metal case to prevent users from hazardous shock, the design of the PSC Series features up to 94% of efficiency. This series is cooled only by free air convection up to 70°C that significantly increase the reliability and lifetime of the power supply.

Another important feature of PSC Series is its low power consumption (<0.75W). This unique characteristic can significantly expand the application of PSC series beyond just heavy industrial field, but can also be implied to dotcom or IT applications that require green power to save the energy and to obey the anticipated government laws in the near future.

Short circuit protection, overload protection, over voltage protection, and the DC OK signal for monitoring the status of power supply are standard functions for the PSC Series.

Typical applications include factory automation, process control, electro-mechanical industry, dotcom and IT.

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Low Profile: PSD Series

The company’s PSD series of compact DIN rail power supplies also share the input requirements of 85-264 VAC/127-360 VDC as the PSC series of products.

However, the difference is that the PSD series power supplies cover wattages from 15 W up to 100 W. Standard voltages for these supplies include 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48 VDC.

These high efficiency supplies are designed for a wide range of industrial applications as well as consumer applications such as elevators, escalators, and other building systems.

Full Brochure: PSD Series

Altech Corporation

Altech's commitment to quality and continuous quality management had been recognized since May 27, 1999 when they were awarded the prestigious honor of ISO 9001 certification. Since then, Altech has successfully gone through the recertification process and still maintains this ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Altech Corporation is an established United States supplier of components and devices used in industrial control, instrumentation, medical and automation applications.


Altech PSC Series