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Panasonic ETQ-PAMR33JFW Power Inductor

New miniature size with enhanced performance

The ETQ-PAMR33JFW by Panasonic is a Power Inductor that provides exceptional large current support, high heat resistance, and high vibration resistance.

The 15.6 mm square surface mount power inductor meets the market demands for smaller automotive ECU (Electronic Control Unit) board sizes while increasing performance functions.

Panasonic’s ETQ-PAMR33JFW is a compact and highly reliable inductor that improves the reliability of power circuits while contributing to the reduction of environmental impact by saving space in power circuit mounting areas. This power inductor offers large current support from 20 A to 80 A, making it ideal for removing noise from motor drive circuits.

The ETQ-PAMR33JFW Power Inductor provides high heat resistance of 160°C/2000 hours and vibration resistance of 5 Hz to 2 kHz/30 G making it compatible with mechatronics.

Features & Benefits

  • Small size: Width 15.6 mm x Depth 17.2 mm x Height 10.5 mm
  • Heat resistance: 160°C/2000 hours
  • Vibration resistance: 5 Hz to 2 kHz/30 G
  • SMD type with Shielded Construction
  • Low DCR and high reliability due to coil lead direct output structure
  • High vibration resistance by fixing 4-point terminals
  • Achieves high heat dissipation by an integrated structure featuring a unique low-loss metallic magnetic material
  • AEC-Q200 and RoHS compliant